WATCH: Paul Gascoigne Asking for Cocaine in Tragic Video

Paul Gascoigne Cocaine Video


Paul Gascoigne is seen asking a man for cocaine in a bar in a video posted to Twitter. Gascoigne tells the user, Jamrock1986, that he will “pay” for drugs. The video was uploaded in the early hours of May 31. It is not known when it was recorded. In the caption for the video, the uploader writes, “Paul Gascoigne needs serious help! He’s drunk 24/7.”

Gascoigne is introduced in the video as, “My hero, Newcastle, Tottenham, England number eight.” Gascoigne then leans into the man recording the video and says, “Cocaine?” The man looks shocked and watches on as Gazza says, “Please I’ll pay.” Awkwardly, the uploader then says, “I could em, I could ask.” Gascoigne then says, “Ask, go on I’ll pay you.” Gascoigne, one of the greatest English players of all time, is best remembered for his time representing his country as well as S.S. Lazio, Glasgow Rangers and Manchester United. In more recent years, Gascoigne has been in the news due to his substance abuse problems.

Here is the video:

PAUL GASCOIGNE LEGEND BEGGING FAN FOR COCAINE SAD VIDEO!Paul Gascoigne either drunk or under influence of drugs begs fan for cocaine #paulgascoigne2019-05-31T16:18:40.000Z

The uploader of the video is a Manchester United fan. Famously, United legend Sir Alex Ferguson has said that he believes he could have stopped Gazza’s descent into alcoholism.

On May 25, the Daily Mirror reported that former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp had “rescued” Gascoigne in a restaurant in Bournemouth, England, when the former English star was allegedly drunk and stumbling around the eatery. A witness told the Mirror, “Harry was a real hero. He just sprang into action. Gazza was in a really bad way. He was off his head, stumbling all over the place.” The tabloid says that Redknapp then took Gascoigne home.

Paul Gascoigne explains the Raoul Moat interviewPaul Gascoigne explains why he went to Rothbury earlier this year to try and speak with Raoul Moat. To watch the full interview go to

Gascoigne had has a long, troubled history with cocaine. In October 2011, he said in an interview on ITV’s “This Morning” that before games he would regularly snort the drug.

Gascoigne has also said that in 2010, when he appeared at the home of killer Raoul Moat during a televised police siege, Gazza was so strung out on cocaine that he had convinced himself that Moat was his brother.

VideoVideo related to watch: paul gascoigne asking for cocaine in tragic video2019-05-31T14:38:36-04:00

In 2016, Gascoigne came forward in an interview with The Sun to say that he had been involved in a cocaine and alcohol binge in a hotel in London. The former player told the interviewer that he wanted to hit one of the men for offering him the drug initially but resorted to snorting cocaine with them in the bathrooms.

At one point in his life, Gascoigne says that he was spending over $2,000 on cocaine.

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