Chez Reavie Arizona Diamondbacks: MLB Team Among Golfer’s Sponsors

Chez Reavie Arizona Diamondbacks sponsors hat

Getty PGA Tour pro Chez Reavie

While PGA Tour pro Chez Reavie wasn’t born in Arizona, he has put down roots in the state while creating a strong connection with the Arizona Diamondbacks in the process. Reavie, who’s from Wichita, Kansas, attended Arizona State University and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. In turn, this explains a part of his connection to MLB’s Diamondbacks.

Reavie has been spotted wearing the Diamondbacks ‘A’ on the side of his hat at numerous PGA Tour events, along with the team’s logos on his shirt and golf bag as well at times. first reported the endorsement deal with the Diamondbacks, who showed their support back in 2009 for Reavie while revealing that he’s a big fan of the team.

“We are again thrilled to have Chez wear the D-backs logo on his shirt and bag during play in the FBR Open this week and for most of the PGA Tour events in 2009,” said D-backs’ President and CEO Derrick Hall. “We hope that attaching our brand to one of the up-and-coming golfers on tour will be beneficial again after Chez was one of the few rookies to win a PGA Tour event in 2008. It makes it even more special to know that Chez is an enthusiastic D-backs fan.”

In the same story from, they cite that Reavie was sporting the Diamondbacks logo during his first PGA Tour win which came back in 2008.

Arizona Diamondbacks Show Support for Chez Reavie

While Reavie has a number of sponsors, the Diamondbacks have even sent some love to the 37-year-old golfer on social media during his career. Showing just how long their relationship has gone on, you can look as recent as 2018 to see the MLB team’s Twitter account wishing Reavie luck in an event.

Reavie’s fandom for the Diamondbacks has led to a unique endorsement and one that you won’t typically find across sports. While it’s certainly different, it’s also good to see a player have the chance to represent one of their favorite sports teams in the form of a sponsorship deal.

Chez Reavie’s Sponsors Headlined by Diamondbacks, TaylorMade

Along with the D’Backs logo on his hat, shirt and even golf bag, Reavie can also be seen sporting a number of other brands. Sponsors can change over time, of course, but according to, Reavie has a deal with Adidas which relates to his clothing and shoes.

Another sponsorship deal which the golfer has is from TaylorMade, and it’s fairly front-and-center. Reavie can often be spotted wearing the TaylorMade logo on the front of his hat while it’s also the equipment he uses, per Fanooz.

When evaluating some of the other brands Reavie has sported in recent events, you’ll find a number of other logos and companies, specifically on his shirts. During the 2019 Traveler’s Championship, Reavie was spotted with the Booster Juice logo, which is Canada’s largest chain fresh juice and smoothie bar. He also wore the logos of Alkaline88 water and BlackLine, Inc., a software company based out of California.

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