DeSean Jackson Believes He’s the Fastest Player in Football

DeSean Jackson is one of the quickest players in the league — quick feet off the line of scrimmage and quick fingers on Twitter. He’s so sneaky fast you may have missed the drama.

Jackson recently challenged Bengals wide receiver John Ross to a race. That’s right. He challenged the same John Ross who shattered the 40-yard dash record at the 2017 NFL Combine when the Washington product breezed through it in an effortless 4.22 seconds.

Ross immediately accepted the challenge by saying: “Imma see you in the city!! We goin live!!”

Jackson is back for his second tour of duty with the Birds after they traded the Buccaneers for him in the offseason. The flashy receiver is expected to be the team’s human Showtime Rotisserie, send him down the field and “set it and forget it.” Despite being 32, Jackson still has the enviable swagger of a 26-year-old. And he put it on full display when he declared he could still run the 40-yard dash in 4.32 seconds, claiming he had recently timed himself at 4.27.

In his first six years in Philadelphia, Jackson was always quick to brag about his speed and his name inevitably came up when discussing the fastest players in the league. That debate was usually between two guys: Jackson or Tennesse’s Chris Johnson. In a twist of fate, the NFL’s cockiest duo finally raced against each other in a nationally-televised relay meet.

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It sure looked like Jackson got the best of him in the video, although it can be argued that Johnson isn’t giving it his all here. Either way, that argument is over with Johnson no longer playing in the NFL. Now the masses want to know if Jackson will stay true to his word and go toe-to-toe with Ross sometime this season. More importantly, will Ted Ginn enter the race?

Ginn, 34, has gone on record saying that he alone is the fastest man in the league and will compete against anyone for $10,000. According to, a group called 40 Yards of Gold has scheduled an event to crown the next “Speed God” in a tournament-style competition.

They already have 11 current and former NFL players signed up, with two mystery participants unannounced. Among those competing include: Ginn, Alvin Kamara, Tarik Cohen, Robby Anderson, Mark Ingram, Jacoby Ford, Corey Coleman, Trae Waynes, Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie, Budda Baker, Kevin Byard.

While Jackson has yet to publicly commit, many feel he will. There is strong buzz in the Eagles’ organization that he has plenty of gas left in the tank. After acquiring Jackson from Tampa Bay, they inked him to a three-year contract and no one is pumping the brakes, not even the franchise quarterback.

“He’s awesome. So far, he’s been a great teammate — just comes in and works hard,” Wentz told reporters. “Obviously, I learned that he’s pretty fast. He’s a pretty smooth runner. People might say he’s getting up there in age, but he can still go.”

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson concurred, adding: “I’m just looking forward to getting him out there and moving around and [seeing] how much he’s picked up of the offense through phase one and two and seeing how best we can use him.”

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Offensive coordinator Mike Groh said: “He’s been a joy to be around. Excited that he’s here. It really makes our job that much easier because he is here and we’re able to get more familiar with his game and to see okay, let’s put him in this spot or move him over there.”

Eagles OTAs resume Monday at 10:30 a.m. with practice scheduled for 11:30 a.m.

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