Eagles’ Carson Wentz Loves Ribeyes and Kale [PHOTO]

Carson Wentz

Brian Garfinkel Carson Wentz poses with Richard Rodgers at his charity softball game.

Everything Carson Wentz does these days is news. So what can we read into the Eagles quarterback going out for a fancy dinner at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Center City? Maybe that he’s one step closer to inking that massive, looming $30 million per year contract … OK, not going there.

Wentz was reported to be feasting on a ribeye steak and kale after a grainy picture turned up on Reddit. The original poster (@Jordan90484) claimed to be the one who cooked the steak, saying that Wentz ordered it done medium. The original post received 256 likes and 48 shares.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz recently posed for a picture at Del Frisco’s in Philadelphia after dining on steak.

Eating at Del Frisco’s has been a ritual of sorts in recent years for Eagles players. Sports Illustrated reported that the team’s offensive line often dines there, routinely indulging on 22-ounce prime ribeyes and 32-ounce tomahawks, interspersed with a smorgasbord of shrimp cocktail and other decadent side dishes. In 2014, then-rookie Lane Johnson posted a Del Frisco’s receipt from a dinner totaling $17,747.

There was no mention of the cost of Wentz’s ribeye and kale experience, but it probably wasn’t a king’s ransom. Wentz admitted last week that he has been adhering to a strict new diet and advanced nutrition program, a strategy borrowed from Tom Brady’s playbook. The oft-injured quarterback hopes it will help with his overall health and longevity.

“Just trying to transform my body a little bit this offseason. I’ve seen a lot of development there for me personally,” Wentz said. “Just looking at nutrition and different training techniques, and really diving into any training aspect, any advantage I can find.”

Of course, Wentz had to make the obligatory Brady joke. “Maybe I’ll write a book.” 

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