Gary Woodland’s Caddie Salary: How Much Money Does Brennan Little Make?

Gary Woodland caddie Brennan Little salary

Getty Gary Woodland and caddie Brennan Little

Brennan Little has put together an impressive career as a caddie on the PGA Tour, with his most recent success coming while working for Gary Woodland. Prior to teaming up with Woodland, Little was on the bag for Mike Weir during all of his PGA Tour wins, including a victory at the 2003 Masters. Beyond that, he worked with Sean O’Hair and Camilo Villegas, as The Caddie Network revealed.

While each golfer has had their fair share of success with Little caddying, it’s unfortunately not revealed exactly how much money he’s made throughout his career. With that said, we can at least get a decent idea based on the structure of typical bonuses for caddies along with their salaries.

On the standard salary front, Golfweek detailed that caddies will make roughly $1,800-$2,000 per week, but much of that money will go towards travel expenses. The bonus money is what stands out in a big way for caddies on the PGA Tour, though.

Gary Woodland’s Caddie, Brennan Little, Estimated Salary

As Golfweek explained previously, the pay of a caddie will typically include a salary and bonuses which range between five to 10 percent of a player’s winnings in a tournament. So, the more success the player has, the better bonuses a caddie earns, and those totals can get fairly big.

Golfweek also cited a story in Forbes which states that caddies would receive 10 percent if a player won the event, seven percent for a top-10 finish and five percent for anything lower. In turn, you can look at Woodland’s success throughout 2018 and also to this point in 2019 to get an idea for a ballpark of the bonus number Little has likely earned.

Per, Woodland finished the 2018 season with three top-10 finishes and made a total of $3,108,907. In turn, this equals out to somewhere between $155,445.35 (five percent) to $310,890.70 (10 percent) in bonus money for Little. Considering the three top-10 finishes along with Woodland’s victory at the Waste Management Open, it’s likely that his caddie made quite a bit more than five percent last year.

This especially stands true when you consider that according to The Golf News Net, Woodland’s victory in 2018 resulted in a payday of $1.242 million. If Little received 10 percent of that, it equates to $124,200, which would mean he nearly surpassed the five percent number above off just one event.

Gary Woodland’s Strong Start to 2019

While Little made a nice chunk of money during the 2018 season based off bonuses it seems, the current year has been even more positive for his financial outlook. Prior to the 2019 U.S. Open, Woodland had picked up seven top-10 finishes and a total of $3,306,461 in prize money, per

Woodland entered the final day of the 2019 U.S. Open as the leader, and if he’s able to hold on, it’ll lead to a huge payday for both him and his bag man. As revealed, this year’s event will pay $2.25 million to the winner, which would mean $225,000 in bonus money (at 10 percent) potentially for Little.

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