Lakers Free Agency: JJ Redick Listed Among Top Non-Max Options

JJ Redick Lakers

Getty JJ Redick of the Philadelphia 76ers reacts against the Toronto Raptors.

Free agency is around the corner and questions on if the Lakers do in fact plan to shed a few more contracts in order to posture up for a max slot loom over the franchise. While linked to names like Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, and Kyrie Irving the Lakers might actually be better off trying to fill out what is a paper thin roster with quality rotational pieces.

While Magic Johnson left the Lakers in an awkward series of events, he has remained steadfast in his support of the franchise and even offered a list of potential free agent targets to The Athletic in a recent interview.

Lakers Free Agency: JJ Redick Listed Among Top Non-Max Options

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Of the names Johnson listed, JJ Redick stood out from the pack as a player who could step in and shoulder a heavy workload of minutes playing off LeBron as one of the strongest spot up shooters in the NBA. Redick thrived in a similar role alongside Ben Simmons on the 76ers and given the fact that LeBron is an even better passer than Simmons, it isn’t unrealistic to think that Redick might actually see an uptick in his production.

Despite getting a bit older, Redick has a game that will continue to age well with time. He doesn’t need the ball in his hands and doesn’t play a physical style of basketball. Instead, he prefers to run to the corners for open looks and lose defenders on the perimeter via off-ball screens.

Other Free Agents the Lakers Should Target According to Magic Johnson

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Alongside Redick, Johnson suggests that the Lakers should target Seth Curry, Nikola Mirotic, and Toronto’s Danny Green should they strike out on a max free agent. While they likely wouldn’t have the necessary cap room to bring them all on board, targeting a big man like Mirotic (who should cost around $14 million) would be a good place to start as they can likely fill their backcourt with effective shooters on cheaper deals. Seth Curry could still be in play if they decide to go after Mirotic and would fit that bill perfectly as one of the league’s best spot-up shooters.

Danny Green would be an excellent fit but would likely cost a bit too much money to pair with a competent big man and leave room to add on additional role players. Outside of these players, the Lakers will mostly have to look to fill out the remainder of the roster with players on veteran minimum contracts.

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