Lakers’ Legend Kobe Bryant Shows Klay Thompson’s Heroic Free Throws Some Love

Klay Thompson Kobe Bryant

Getty Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors, who got some love from Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

The All-Time great Los Angeles Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant knows a thing or two about sinking a pair of free throws through excruciating pain. So when Klay Thompson suffered a serious knee injury (later revealed to be a torn ACL) and ran back out onto the court to hit his free throws and try to stay in the game, it brought back memories of Bryant’s legendary free throws after tearing his Achilles’ tendon.

Thompson showed last night just how fierce of a competitor he actually is. While nobody questioned Klay’s will to win previously, his insistence to get back into the game despite obviously suffering a serious injury showed just how badly he wanted to help his team win.

“Just a two-minute rest,” Klay told Steve Kerr as he left the court, “I’ll be ready.”

Those were the last words head coach Steve Kerr heard from his star shooting guard as Klay would later be diagnosed with a torn ACL and taken out of the game for good. Klay wouldn’t be back on the sidelines and was last seen crutching out of Oracle Arena as the Warriors attempted to grind out a win to keep their season alive.

Lakers’ Legend Kobe Bryant Shows Klay Thompson’s Heroic Free Throws Some Love

After ESPN put out a tweet regarding Thompson’s toughness to go back out and hit his free throws, Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant decided to check in and let the world know he saw – and was impressed – by what Klay Thompson was able to will himself to do.

Kobe Bryant shots his last two free throws after probable torn achilles tendon vs Warriors2013-04-13T09:49:28.000Z

As mentioned above, Bryant had a similar situation after tearing his Achilles’ tendon. Coincidentally, Kobe hit his free throws against the Warriors while Klay sank his free throws for the Warriors. Klay is actually in the video of Kobe hitting his free throws and had a first-hand view of how The Mamba handled his business even when he couldn’t walk.

Klay Thompson’s Free Agency Outlook

Klay Thompson Returns to Court in Epic Fashion After Knee Injury (NBA Finals Game 6)Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson returned to the court in epic fashion to sink two free throws after suffering a knee injury during Game 6 of the NBA finals vs. the Toronto Raptors. He would later leave and not return. Subscribe: Follow on IG: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on…2019-06-14T04:34:54.000Z

While Klay is out of basketball activities for at least a 6-8 month window, he could potentially be back on the court by the end of next season. That said, Klay probably won’t be Klay again until midway through the 2020-2021 season as next year will be mostly him re-learning to trust the torn knee in game situations.

Thankfully for Klay, the injury shouldn’t impact his free agency options all that much. It was widely expected the Warriors would try and break the bank to bring him back and it seems that line of thinking hasn’t changed a whole ton – rightfully so. Klay put his body on the line and repeatedly tried to get back on the court even after he was told his ACL was likely torn.

The man was willing to sacrifice the long-term health of his career in order to bring the Warriors another title and it seems the Warriors brass recognizes and respects the fact that he bleeds Blue and Gold. Don’t expect the Warriors to lowball Klay after the injury and expect the man to get absolutely paid and stay in the Bay.

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