Kobe Bryant Thanks Kyle Kuzma, Who’s Training ‘Young Mambas’ [LOOK]

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Getty Los Angeles Lakers former guard Kobe Bryant

There’s a whole lot of love going around between Kobe Bryant and one of the lone remaining young pieces of the Los Angeles Lakers core from last season, Kyle Kuzma. While Kobe and Kuzma have built a friendship it seems, the Lakers forward was recently in attendance to help Bryant at his basketball camp.

Bryant posted a photo on Twitter of the camp, thanking all the young players and showing some extra love to Kuzma for coming to help teach them. Shortly after, Kuzma responded by pointing to all the “young Mambas in training” that were in attendance.

It appears Bryant brought Kuzma in as a part of his camp, and the young forward seems to be more than happy that he was involved. This isn’t all that surprising, considering the fact that the two have apparently worked together previously.

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Kyle Kuzma Reached out to Kobe Bryant

Back in Kuzma’s rookie season with the Lakers, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix reported that he reached out to Kobe to get some advice.

Perhaps this is what inspired Kuzma, early in his rookie season, to reach out to Bryant. “Cold-called me,” says Kobe. “I liked his curiosity.” Bryant invited Kuzma for a steak dinner. Kuzma was giddy.

Mannix proceeded to detail what Bryant told Kuzma and how their friendship began to take shape. It’s interesting to hear and goes a long way towards explaining what has helped the young forward succeed to this point in his NBA career.

A friendship began. Kobe being Kobe, his advice often came in basketball koans. For example: To be unstoppable you must first be predictable. Explains Bryant, “So teams say, ‘O.K., I know Kyle likes to do this.’ All right, that’s great, that’s awesome. Now stop it.” Bryant continues. “Now a team makes you do something else, and you have a counter to that predictable move, and when they cut off that counter, you have a counter to that counter. But first you have to be predictable, because it not only gets you a sense of stability, night in and night out, but it also gets your teammates a sense of stability. Familiarity is extremely important.”

Apparently, the two players even linked up for some training and held a private workout prior to the 2018-19 NBA season.

Kobe Bryant & Kyle Kuzma Train Together

After the news of how Kobe and Kuzma’s bond began thanks to the latter’s decision to cold call the NBA legend, it appears their friendship led to a private workout a bit later. Bryant revealed as much during an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show while praising how good Kuzma looked during the offseason, which was transcribed by SB Nation’s Christian Rivas.

“Dude, he [Kuzma] looks great, man. He’s got good rhythm, he has the ability do disassociate movements, which gives him a fluidity when he plays. But he can shoot the ball, he’s worked on his midrange game a lot, post up game looks strong so I’m looking forward to him having a good year.”

It’s good news for Lakers fans to hear how close the duo have become, and it’s likely they’ll spend plenty of additional time together prior to the 2019-20 season. Who knows, maybe LeBron James and/or Anthony Davis will join Kuzma for a bit of training with the Black Mamba.

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