Megan Rapinoe on Trump: What Did Soccer Player Say About White House?

Getty Megan Rapinoe's comments about skipping a potential White House visit have gone viral.

Megan Rapinoe finds herself amidst controversy after making negative comments about President Donald Trump and a potential White House visit. Rapinoe was asked by Eight by Eight magazine if she was excited to visit the White House.

“I’m not going to the f-ing White House,” Rapinoe told Eight by Eight. “No. I’m not going to the White House. We are not going to be invited…I doubt it.”

The remarks were likely part of an interview session conducted prior to the World Cup. After the video went viral, Rapinoe stood by her comments with a caveat that she wish she had not dropped the f-bomb in the interview, per ESPN.

I stand by the comments that I made about not wanting to go to the White House, with the exception of the expletive. My mom will be very upset about that. But I think, obviously, answering with a lot of passion considering how much time and effort and pride we take in the platform that we have and using it for good and for leaving the game in a better place and hopefully the world in a better place, I don’t think that I would want to go.

And I would encourage my teammates to think hard about lending that platform or having that coopted by an administration that doesn’t feel the same way and doesn’t fight for same things that we fight for.

Donald Trump Tweeted About Megan Rapinoe’s Comments & Invited the USWNT to the White House “Win or Lose”

Trump responded to Rapinoe’s comments with three tweets on June 26. The president took a jab at the NBA and also noted the women’s soccer team was invited to the White House “win or lose.”

Women’s soccer player, @mPinoe, just stated that she is “not going to the F…ing White House if we win.” Other than the NBA, which now refuses to call owners, owners (please explain that I just got Criminal Justice Reform passed, Black unemployment is at the lowest level…

….in our Country’s history, and the poverty index is also best number EVER), leagues and teams love coming to the White House. I am a big fan of the American Team, and Women’s Soccer, but Megan should WIN first before she TALKS! Finish the job! We haven’t yet….

….invited Megan or the team, but I am now inviting the TEAM, win or lose. Megan should never disrespect our Country, the White House, or our Flag, especially since so much has been done for her & the team. Be proud of the Flag that you wear. The USA is doing GREAT!

Rapinoe Previously Said She Would Not “Hobnob With the President”

Megan Rapinoe defends White House comments & previews USWNT vs. France | Women's World CupUSWNT midfielder Megan Rapinoe defends her recent comments about not wanting to go to the White House. Rapinoe also addresses the key matchups of the 2019 Women's World Cup quarterfinal match between United States and France in Paris, and what it’s like seeing players such as Lindsey Horan, Sam Mewis, Rose Lavelle and others taking…2019-06-27T16:13:28.000Z

While Rapinoe’s recent comments went viral, the forward has been consistent about her beliefs about Trump and a potential White House. Rapinoe told Sports Illustrated back in May that her strong stance was because Trump was “against so many of the things I am [for].”

“Absolutely not [go to the White House],” Rapinoe told Sports Illustrated. “I am not going to fake it, hobnob with the president, who is clearly against so many of the things that I am [for] and so many of the things that I actually am. I have no interest in extending our platform to him.”