WATCH: Tyson Fury Sings Aerosmith to Wife, Paris Fury, After TKO

Tyson Fury’s wife, Paris Fury, was the beneficiary of the heavyweight champion singing Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” to her after the fight. Tyson sang to his wife and the Las Vegas crowd after knocking out Tom Schwarz in the second round.

The boxer was doing his best to win over the American crowd in his Las Vegas debut. Tyson also came out to the ring in an American robe to the song “Coming to America” and wore shorts with the American flag.

Tyson’s wife admitted to fearing he was dead after a 2018 fight with Deontay Wilder. The Sun detailed Paris’ fearful thoughts during the match.

The first thought was that he’s dead.

That was the first thought, seriously, because when he didn’t get up, and I know Tyson will always get up if he can get up, then [the] first few seconds I thought he’s hurt – he’s really hurt.

I was big, having the baby, so I remember chucking his brother Shane over the barricade because I couldn’t climb over it, I sort of remember like pushing him over and saying ‘go to him – go to him.’

In addition to singing to his wife, Tyson confirmed after the match that he would be fighting Wilder again later in 2019.

Tyson Fury’s Wife Recently Gave Birth to Their 5th Child in February

Paris gave birth to the couple’s fifth child in February of 2019. Paris announced the news on Instagram on February 28th.

“Our new edition. A baby boy born this morning at 7:30. 3 weeks early but perfect in every way? we all doing well. Here together with @gypsyking101 happy and healthy thank god. ??,” Paris noted on Instagram.

Fury Is Looking to Gain American Fans

Tyson clearly made a concerted effort to gain new fans in the United States through his most recent fight. Tyson’s promoter Bob Arum noted that the build-up to the match has allowed the boxer to gain more recognition.

“This exercise really is like a coming-out party for him,” Bob explained to The Telegraph. “Thanks to ESPN, we’ve been able to give him a tremendous ride. He’s been on so many programs. The guy is incredible. Forget about his boxing ability. He was on the NFL network with Rich Eisen and he started talking about mental health. People are talking about that all over the country. Organizations that are dedicated to mental health issues want him as a speaker. These aren’t boxing people. Hopefully, he beats Tom Schwarz, people will know him as a personality. The public love personalities who are great fighters.”

Paris Posted a Photo to Instagram of Robbie Williams Talking With the Fighter Before the Match

Tyson was not the only singer in Vegas as Robbie Williams was also at the match. Paris posted a photo of the singer speaking with Tyson before the fight. It appears the couple is used to singing as Tyson’s wife posted the video below of them singing Aerosmith together in the car.

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