Golden State Warriors’ Jordan Poole Embraces Nick Young, Swaggy P Comparison

Jordan Poole

Golden State Warriors' Jordan Poole & NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

The Golden State Warriors selected Michigan’s Jordan Poole with the 28th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

There was a need!

Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant likely will miss next season after both were injured during the NBA Finals and will likely miss next season.

That’s where Poole comes in.

During his sophomore season at Michigan, Poole was consistent. Poole averaged 12.8 points, 3.0 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 1.1 steals per game for the Wolverines.

If you’re tardy to the party: Poole also shot 36.9% from downtown, and 83.3% from the free throw line.

Fox Sports analyst, Rashad Phillips told me this week that Poole reminds him of Nick Young becase he is a terrific shot maker and excellent space creator.

“I feel like more of a swaggy lifestyle,” Poole told me on Scoop B Radio.

“It’s not a bad comparison.”

Poole’s most memorable collegiate moment came during the NCAA tournament during his freshman season at Michigan.

Shooting and Golden State Warriors are synonymous. It’s likely that Poole will strengthen the Warriors’ backcourt depth.

Per Golden State of Mind: At 6-5, Poole is a flexible defender, he played on a Michigan team that boasted the best defensive efficiency in the country.

Poole also shared with me that he got advice from the Brooklyn Nets’ Caris LeVert on preparing for the NBA Draft.

“That’s big bro, that’s my man, a big brother, a great relationship,” Poole told me.

“He just told me to be myself, be dominant. I think he knows the talent level that I have and how talented I am, so told me to just go out there and play my game, separate myself from others and I did.”

Now a member of the Warriors, Poole knows how he’ll contribute.

“I’ll be able to compliment them,” he told me.

“Being able to space the floor, being able to shoot the ball, come off downscreens; but also being a bigger guard and being able to play on the ball, make decisions on the court as far as being a 1 or a 2.”

Michigan is invading the NBA, by the way. Caris LeVert is thriving with the Nets and Poole is a newly minted Golden State Warrior.

The Cleveland Cavaliers hired John Beilein this spring. The former Michigan coach is looking to make some noise by developing culture and identity with a young core in the post LeBron James-Cavs-era that won a chamionship in 2016.

“It’s huge,” Jordan Poole tells me.

“I’m excited for him I think it’s a new chapter that’s starting out in Michigan. We’ve got a lot of guys leave this year and pursue their dreams. Being able to see our coach do the same thing, after having an amazing college career and being able to coach in the NBA, is definitely a dream made.”

Beilein is the only active collegiate coach to have achieved 20-win seasons at four different levels—junior college, NCAA Division III, NCAA Division II, and NCAA Division I coached at Michigan and coached Poole while there.

As an NBA rookie, Jordan Poole could get tons of NBA minutes at the shooting guard and small forward position this coming season.

The Warriors may have gotten an underrated gem in Poole.

He has the ability to guard the 1 or 2. Compare Poole to Quinn Cook. We love Quinn Cook’s offensive firepower, but his defensive flexibility leaves much to be desired. Poole has the height to defend in the NBA.

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