WATCH: Alex Morgan’s Goal Celebration Drinking Tea Trolls England [VIDEO]

Alex Morgan’s goal celebration against England may have just won the World Cup. Morgan pretended to drink a cup of tea with her pinkie extended after scoring on a header to put the USA up 2-1 against England in the first half.

It also just so happens to be Morgan’s 30th birthday, and the USWNT star appeared to be in a giving mood by trolling England. Prior to the USA-England match, Morgan tweeted that she had no time for birthdays.

“Birthdays come every year. World Cup comes every 4 YEARS!! It’s aaaaaaall business today ?,” Morgan tweeted.

In the previous two matches, Morgan has taken a bit of a backseat offensively to teammate Megan Rapinoe. With Rapinoe on the bench, it was time for Morgan to step up to the challenge.

“My goal is to help this team win a World Cup,” Morgan said, per St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “As long as the goals continue to come then I’m happy. And that’s not goals continuing to come for me, but for this team. Right now, Megan Rapinoe has put this team on her back from Spain to France, and it’s going to take more players like that and a couple of other individuals each game to step up and really help carry this team. ‘Pinoe has done that in great fashion the last two games.”

Leading Up to the USA-England Game, the USWNT Were Criticized for Being “Arrogant”

Morgan’s celebration could be a response to some of the criticism from press calling the U.S. “arrogant.” England coach Phil Neville noted prior to the game that France would be rooting for his squad after the home team was eliminated.

“We’re the French second team now,” Neville said, per Newsweek. “Now that their team are out they’re supporting us, so we’ll have the crowd on our side. The French people have got behind the story of our football. We are the team the French public want to win. The French support has been incredible.”

Morgan’s celebration also could have also been tied to England’s first goal. England players celebrated by holding up goggles, a celebration typically associated with Rapinoe. The gesture was detailed by Rapinoe’s girlfriend, Sue Bird, in a recent The Players’ Tribune article.

And then eventually I came to realize the obvious: that Megan Goggles are a lot more than some cute running joke between us, about fashion choices or whatever — and that they’re actually this kind of skeleton key to Megan herself. Or, put another way: When I put on my Megan Goggles?? What I’m really doing, I think, is learning to understand her better — and, if this even makes any sense: I think at the same time, I’m learning how to understand myself better as well.

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