Open Championship Purse 2019: How Much Prize Money Does Winner Make?

Open Championship Purse

Getty The winner of The Open Championship wins the Claret Jug.

The 2019 Open Championship (aka the British Open) winner will earn $1.9 million as part of a total purse of $10.75 million, per The Open. The top two players will earn more than $1 million as second place takes home $1.12 million.

“The Open is a global sporting event and our priority is to ensure that this is reflected in the prize fund,” R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers noted in a statement. “We have a long-term strategy to ensure The Open remains at the forefront of golf and maintains its unique allure in sporting terms. We are also committed to investing in our other major championships, especially the AIG Women’s British Open.”

The Open Championship, Formerly Known as the British Open, Is Not in England for 2019

The Open Championship typically takes place in England, but the 2019 tournament is being hosted in Northern Ireland at the Royal Portrush. It marks only the second time in its 159-year history that The Open Championship is taking place in Northern Ireland, per Golf Digest.

The tournament had extra significance for Rory McIlroy given it was played in his home country. Unfortunately, McIlroy had a difficult start to the tournament and failed to make the cut for the weekend.

“As much as I came here at the start of the week saying I wanted to do it for me, you know, by the end of the round there today I was doing it just as much for them as I was for me,” McIlroy said, per Arizona Central. “I wanted to be here for the weekend. Selfishly I wanted to feel that support for two more days. To play in front of those crowds today and to feel that momentum and really dig in, it’s going to be a tough one to get over. To have that many people out there following me, supporting me, cheering my name, it meant the world to me.”

The Tournament Is Now Referred to as The Open Championship or Simply The Open

American golf fans have commonly referred to the tournament as the British Open, but its official name is The Open Championship. The tournament is now commonly referred to as The Open. Why the name change?

As this week shows, the tournament is not always in England so the name feels more fitting. NBC announcer Mike Tirico explained that calling it The Open Championship rather than the British Open is the proper thing to do as Newsday detailed.

“If he says, ‘Call me David, not Dave,’ it’s his name, I’m going to say it the way he wants me to say it,” Tirico said, pointing to his NBC colleague, David Feherty. “It’s their event. That’s the way they want it referred to. That’s OK. If you go over there, there is not one thing that you can buy that says ‘the British Open.’

“So just because we refer to it that way, in a shocking development as an American, we could be wrong . . . As a rights-holder they asked. That’s the way they’re branding their event . . . It’s their championship, for God’s sake.”

Here is a look at The Open Championship prize money breakdown courtesy of The Open and Golf News.

The Open Championship Purse: Prize Money Breakdown for 2019

1. $1,935,000
2. $1,120,000
3. $718,000
4. $558,000
5. $449,000
6. $389,000
7. $334,000
8. $282,000
9. $247,000
10. $223,000
11. $203,000
12. $180,000
13. $169,000
14. $159,000
15. $147,500
16. $135,500
17. $129,000
18. $123,000
19. $117,750
20. $112,000
21. $107,000
22. $101,500
23. $96,250
24. $91,000
25. $88,000
26. $84,000
27. $81,000
28. $78,000
29. $74,750
30. $71,250
31. $68,500
32. $65,000
33. $63,000
34. $61,000
35. $59,000
36. $56,500
37. $53,750
38. $51,250
39. $49,250
40. $47,750
41. $45,750
42. $43,500
43. $41,500
44. $39,500
45. $37,000
46. $35,000
47. $33,500
48. $32,250
49. $31,000
50. $30,250
60. $26,400
70. $24,750


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