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Cowboys Amari Cooper Injury Update

Getty Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper is reportedly in no rush to get his extension done. He’s letting the market settle itself out with the contracts of Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones, New Orleans Saints Michael Thomas, and Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill.

But more importantly, he plans to report to camp without any drama.

According to Yahoo Senior NFL Reporter Charles Robinson’s tweet:

Michael Thomas Contract

Robinson also tweeted about Michael Thomas as his contract negotiations are also in full swing. There is an offer on the table for Thomas. The offer would make him the first $20 million wideout in the National Football League.

Ezekiel Elliott  Saga

As previously reported, running back Ezekiel Elliott is potentially leaving the country as the Cowboys start training camp in five days. This will certainly complicate contract negotiations between the team and himself. A holdout is looking more likely from Elliott before the start of camp.

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The Cowboys could potentially let one of the best running backs in the league to slip from the team’s grasp if they don’t have steady contact with Elliott. It’s entirely possible for Elliott and his representation to be responsive to the Cowboys’ attempts to reach them. Although he might be out of the country, it’s totally plausible for them to negotiate via phone or email.

Elliott has been known to vacation in Mexico, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. He visited during his six-week suspension in 2017. Although there hasn’t been much on the front of where he will be spending this time abroad.

With that being said, the team has been posting heavily about Elliott on social media throughout the past few weeks and seems determined to pay Elliott what he thinks he deserves.

The Cowboys have too much to lose by letting Elliott walk. Cowboys’ fans won’t tolerate this move so it looks like the team will have to pay up. They are also dealing with looming contract negotiations with quarterback Dak Prescott who apparently has no plans to hold out before training camp.

Once one of these players signs a deal, the rest of the dominos should fall as the team sees how much the first deal cost them. Those three players are crucial to the Cowboys’ success this season, however, if it’s too costly they might not be able to retain all three of them.

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