Jason Brown: Was ‘Last Chance U’ Coach Fired at Independence C.C.?

Last Chance U Coach

Twitter Last Chance U coach Jason Brown pictured with his new book.

Please be advised there are spoilers ahead regarding Jason Brown and the latest season of “Last Chance U.”

“Last Chance U” coach Jason Brown technically resigned after questionable text messages surfaced to a student. Brown detailed the timeline of events on the final episode of “Last Chance U” Season 4. After a board of directors meeting, Brown noted he received a call from Indy athletic director Tammie Geldenhuys who explained the board wanted his letter of resignation.

It is a bit of semantics as Brown was not technically fired but did not leave Independence on his own terms. The final episode also showed Brown and his coaching staff recruiting for the 2019 season. It appeared as though Brown was planning on remaining the head coach at Indy prior to his resignation.

KOAM News posted a screenshot of an exchange between Brown and German student Alexandros Alexiou who was helping out the coaching staff during the 2018 season. During the series of texts, Brown appears to call Alexiou a German expletive and noted “I’m your new Hitler figure out [sic] your life.”

Jason Brown Defended His Comments Noting the Student Had Given Himself the Hitler Nickname

Brown attempted to provide a broader context for the text messages noting to The Express that Alexiou had given himself the nickname. Brown detailed his side of the story in an interview with The Express.

“Me and that kid, people don’t realize, we screwed around like that every day because he called himself and the team called him that,” Brown noted to The Express. “Everybody knew that and he knew that about himself and for him to switch on it and turn on it just to get 15 minutes of fame is what the real cowardly act was, you know?…I still to this day do not blame kids, because kids know what they know and don’t know what they don’t know. It’s the cowardly acts of adults who know better who pushed this.”

Brown Is Awaiting a Hearing to Determine If There Is Enough Evidence to Warrant a Trial for the 8 Charges He Is Facing

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Brown has more challenges than just no longer being the head coach at Indy. Brown is facing felony charges for incidents unrelated to the text messages. Brown allegedly impersonated an attorney from the office of famed lawyer Johnnie Cochran and contacted local media members regarding their coverage of Indy football. Brown is facing four counts of blackmail, four counts of identity theft and two misdemeanor counts of criminal false communication, per the Parsons Sun.

The former “Last Chance U” coach is scheduled to have a hearing on August 22 where a judge will rule if there is enough evidence in the case to warrant a trial. For now, Brown appears to be in California where he is promoting his new book Hate Me Now, Love Me Later. If the charges against Brown do not hold, it will be interesting to see if the former Indy coach lands with another team. We are also awaiting an announcement on whether “Last Chance U” has been renewed by Netflix for another season and, if so, what school will be featured in Season 5.