Lakers’ Target Kawhi Leonard Appears to Be Spotted in California [LOOK]

Kawhi Leonard Lakers free agency

Getty Kawhi Leonard

While the summer of Kawhi Leonard continues to pick up steam and fans await his final decision in free agency, it appears there may be some reason for optimism if you’re a Los Angeles Lakers fan. Although nothing has been set in stone and Leonard’s decision may not come until the weekend, a recent photo captured on social media points to him being in California.

The entire morning/afternoon Friday was spent trying to track various flights to-and-from Toronto and San Diego which Leonard was rumored to potentially be on. Nothing has been confirmed to this point, but as The Ball Realm revealed, an Instagram post revealed a person believed to be Leonard currently in San Diego.

*Note: The tweet from The Ball Realm has been deleted, but a screenshot of it can be seen below.

Along with the above tweet, you can see a photo of the full image, which shows the person appearing to be Leonard wearing New Balance shoes and a caption that says it’s the NBA forward. This photo comes courtesy of Twitter user Colton Clews.

Kawhi Leonard Lakers

Twitter user @coltonclews15

Obviously, there’s quite a bit of speculation as to whether or not this is actually Leonard, and it’s led to many people breaking down anything from his shoes to his hat. It’s hard to argue with the side that points to this actually being the NBA star, though.

With that said, Pick Up Hoop makes an interesting point that the photo could be from another day, but that Leonard is wearing the same New Balance shoes and hat he’s been seen sporting before.

Update: As Matt Marchese of Prime Time Sports reports, Leonard was at the store at 3:30 p.m. ET on Friday.

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Conflicting Rumblings Point Kawhi Leonard to Both Lakers & Raptors

As if the rumor mill surrounding Leonard wasn’t quite intriguing enough previously, there are conflicting reports pointing to him landing with both the Lakers and Toronto Raptors. Among the most recent, Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher joined ‘The Herd’ with Colin Cowherd and stated that a “member of the Lakers organization” believes Leonard will stay in Toronto, per Hoop Central’s report.

With that said, First Things First analyst Cris Carter stated that he believed an announcement would come from Leonard on Friday and that the Lakers would be the team chosen.

Later in the afternoon Friday, Carter proceeded to state that Leonard is still undecided and will not make a final call on his free agency decision.

“After looking like we would find out today, we will not. Kawhi is still undecided & is not going to finalize his decision today.” Carter tweeted.

Leonard’s future is arguably one of the biggest question marks possibly in the history of NBA free agency. He’s kept things incredibly quiet, but the rumblings and rumors haven’t cooled off one bit. In turn, it appears we may have to play the waiting game when it comes to the 28-year-old’s decision.

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