‘Last Chance U’ Release Date: What Time Can You Watch Season 4 New Episodes?

Getty Last Chance U director Gregory Whiteley pictured with former EMCC academic adviser Brittany Wagner.

“Last Chance U” Season 4 releases on Friday, July 19, and the show is back at Independence Community College for the second straight year. Fans are expected to be able to begin watching new episodes at 3 a.m. Eastern for those willing to stay up a little later to see the latest season.

There has been plenty of off-the-field drama surrounding Jason Brown, who is featured as the head coach of Indy C.C. for the last two seasons of the show. It will be interesting to see how much of this makes it onto the show. Here is what we know so far about Season 4.

Fans can expect Brown to once again play a starring role along with quarterback Malik Henry and linebacker Bobby Bruce. Both players were featured on the show’s preview poster that was tweeted out. The new additions include former Georgia Tech quarterback Jay Jones.

Malik Henry Is Back for Season 4 Despite Being Unhappy With How He Was Portrayed on the Show

After Season 3 was released, Henry made so secret about his displeasure with how he was portrayed on the show. It will be interesting to see if this causes him to approach things differently in Season 4. Henry noted to Variety that he believed viewers did not get a full picture of his relationship with Brown.

“They kind of failed to show the other side of me and Coach Brown’s relationship,” Henry told Variety after Season 3. “But TV is TV and they have to sell…I think Greg Whiteley, the director, did a great job. I just wish we they would have shown the other side of me and Coach Brown’s relationship just a little more, because I feel like more people would have realized that he is more like an older brother, father figure type.”

Given some of the controversy surrounding Brown, it will also be interesting to see what the show focuses on in the latest season. Another complaint made by Henry was that the show failed to show “both sides” of things.

“They just didn’t show both sides and they could have shown both sides,” Henry explained to Variety. “They had a lot of opportunities to but they didn’t…They put in a lot of my trash talking. That’s stuff that fans and people watching the game wouldn’t hear unless I was mic’d up.”

Dakota Allen Became the First “Last Chance U” Player to Get Drafted

As the series reaches its fourth season, we are already seeing some former player overcome the odds. Former “Last Chance U” linebacker Dakota Allen became the first player that was featured on the series to get drafted in the NFL. Allen joined Texas Tech from EMCC and was able to catch the eyes of NFL scouts.

Allen was selected by the L.A. Rams with the No. 37 pick of the seventh round. In an article Allen wrote for The Players’ Tribune, the linebacker discussed the impact academic advisor Brittany Wagner had on his career.

One of my most vivid memories from that season at East Mississippi Community College wasn’t even on the show. I was sitting with Miss Brittany, our academic adviser — who is an amazing woman — in her office and we were talking about my situation. I’m generally a reserved person, but during the course of our conversation I began to break down. I was hundreds of miles away from anybody I knew, in this place that everyone was trying to get out of, and I knew there was a chance that, no matter what I did, I might never get back what I had lost.