Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook to Host Comedy Show in Tulsa

Getty Russell Westbrook might not be ready for the start of the season.

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, Russell Westbrook will host the “Why Not,” Pop Up comedy show on Thursday July 11, 2019 in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2017, the eight-time NBA All Star will join his best friend Demetrius Deason to host the event at Cain’s Ballroom in Tula, OK at 8:30 PM.

The event will feature comedians Yasmin Bayfor, Ron Taylor and more.

The “Why Not”??” Comedy Show debuted in Oklahoma City in 2015 and since then it has hosted mega talented power house comedians such as Gary Owen, Ron Taylor, Steven Briggs, Alex Powers and BT Kingsley.

Westbrook and Deason teamed up with the Seattle Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett, a native of Tulsa.

Proceeds from the comedy show will benefit Lockett’s The Light It Up Foundation.

Demetrius Deason recently checked in with the Scoop B Radio Podcast and discussed the upcoming pop up comedy show and shared Russell Westbrook’s involvement.

See an abreviated portion of our Q&A below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Demetrius “Juice” Deason who has his production “Why Not?” which will premier in Tulsa, Oklahoma area this month. He’s got some guy from the Oklahoma City Thunder who is part of the production. So Demetrius welcome to Scoop B Radio.

Demetrius Deason: Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: So, before we got on the line we were having some technical difficulties. Through it all man, the thing that stood out to me was your level of humor. You like jokes, you like Eddie Murphy. you like the guys who came before you, let’s get started with this whole “Why Not?” thing.

Demetrius Deason: I would say that getting into comedian really, when I was younger as a fan of Russell Westbrook we had the mentality of the phase Why Not, and it really just grew from there. From there I started doing comedy and I needed a name that made sense. So I just said Why Not.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Yeah. I was always curious about that. Scoop B radio on the line with Demetrius Deason. I used to see Russell Westbrook talk about why not. How did Russell get a hold of it?

Demetrius Deason: The whole organization. So a lot of great stuff right now. It all started from just, from a joke or just the way in which we express ourselves into this lifestyle. The mentality is always: believe in yourself and know that you’ll succeed no matter where you come from.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: For those who are late to the party or tuning into Scoop B radio, the Why Not comedy show will be place in Oklahoma on July 11th. It debuted in Oklahoma City in 2015 and from what I’ve been reading you’ve had a lot of people on there. I’ve never been to Oklahoma. It’s a pop-up comedy show. Is there a difference between a pop-up and millions of people sitting in seat? What’s the difference?

Demetrius Deason: Yeah pretty much. It’s a pop-up, meaning it was something kind of planned out. It came out a little late but we have a plan for it whether they announce the show and make it a pop-up. There’s no returning or we’ll do it again. What will be next, it’s a variety of comedians with different styles expressing themselves in a funny and creative way. Really it’s a great show, I’m very excited because people who are on my show have previously been on my shows. So I already know the key that they coming with.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Is Russell Westbrook actually going to get on stage to tell jokes?

Demetrius Deason: I mean, he always goes in the beginning by himself. And we give him two minutes to get things taken care of and to see what he comes up with. It’s a good vibe with people and it’s for a good cause. We’re paired with a non-profit called the “Light up Foundation” which is funded by Tyler Lockett who plays for the Seahawks and his organization. It’s just about giving back to the kids, teaching kids literacy and making sure that the majority are in their books. So, very exciting to be apart with them. This is the first time doing a show and I’m in love with the energy and I think it’s going to be an amazing show.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: What I find interesting about this is, I go back to being in graduate school and going to the local barbershop, when people actually still purchase DVD’s. I remember picking up Shaq’s All Star Comedy Show. That was one of the best things that could’ve happened with comedy. Did you get any inspiraion from that? When did you decide that this is what you were going to do?

Demetrius Deason: I would just say my life experiences. I feel like, the way I grew up was really different. It was preparing me for something at the time while at the time I was getting ready to be an NBA player. Going through my ups and downs I realized that it choose my soul to provide and share. Motivate other people to do the same. So, once I knew that and my personality it only made sense that I’ll use this as a joke.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: You played basketball, had dreams of playing in the NBA. How far along did you go? Was it high school? College? What was your game like?

Demetrius Deason: I played in Junior College, went to a four-year, then from there I played in a couple semi-pro tour leagues. Then little things that’ll try and get me on a team. It never really worked out I just figured to put my money aside.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Looking at your story, after the death of your step father your mother almost nearly died of kidney failure and you suffered a back injury in college that killed your dream of being a pro player. You were called home to help your siblings as your mother recuperated. Does comedy heal people around you? I would imagine your presence alone unites folks together?

Demetrius Deason: Comedy is for sure a needed thing in the world. The way you can make a heavy situation light. Or vis versa It Cn take your mind off of things and make it completely better. It’s very powerful. So for me, to be able to do that, it’s a dream come true. I think it actually goes to show you that, if you believe in what your passion is God will lead you into events and for our purpose.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Is Russell Westbrook more of a one liner comedian or comparably or a great story teller?

Demetrius Deason: I don’t think he has a particular lane I think it’s a combination of both depending on which the situation is.

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