11 Best Pilates Reformers for Home Fitness

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You can spend anywhere from a hundred to several thousand dollars on a reformer machine for home fitness. Reformers aren’t quite as compact and portable as Pilates chairs, but both popular pieces of equipment provide a great full-body workout. Take a look at the best Pilates reformers below to find the right fit for your budget and lifestyle.

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aero pilates machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Easy to store
  • Includes workout DVDs
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pilates reformer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great starter kit for home studios
  • Comes with a reformer box
  • Easily adjustable
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pilates reformer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Solid value
  • Padded foot bar
  • Covered straps
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pilates machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal starter package
  • Compatible with several accessories
  • Includes an upholstered sitting box
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best pilates reformer
  • Designed for small spaces
  • Adjustable
  • Non-slip pad
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best pilates reformer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Eco-friendly pearl finish
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pilates reformer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Free-form rebounder
  • Elevated steel frame
  • Adjustable foot bar
Price: $1,500.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
pilates reformer machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reformer and Cadillac in one
  • Innovative retractable rope system
  • Studio-quality workouts at home
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  • Five-spring system
  • Ideal for limited space
  • Built-in transport wheels
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  • Cadillac and reformer combination
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Built-in standing platform
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pilates reformer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Compact
  • Great for full-body workouts
  • Durable steel frame
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379

    • Built-in wheels for easier portability
    • Rounded top and padded footbar provide more varied workouts
    • Includes four resistance cords with different levels
    • Adjusting the straps can be tricky
    • Low ground clearance
    • Doesn't come with a foot strap

    You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank with this affordable Pilates reformer. Despite its accessible price tag, this Aero Pilates machine is built for serious Pilates workouts at home.

    For starters, it comes with four resistance cords ranging from moderate to heavy intensities. The reformer also has a firm yet supportive cushion, along with high-density foam shoulder pads to keep you properly supported.

    A rounded top provides a more varied workout. This Pilates reformer also comes with a padded foot bar.

    The frame folds when it’s not in use, and built-in wheels let you easily move the machine out of the way as needed. Two workout DVDs are included to help you get started.

  2. 2. Stott Pilates Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle

    • Durable vinyl designed for frequent, intense use
    • Smooth rolling mechanism for friction-free ride
    • Noise-reducing neoprene spring covers
    • Not stackable
    • Shoulder rests can't be removed
    • Can't add a vertical frame

    When you can’t make it to class, bring the studio experience to your home with the At Home SPX Reformer Package from Stott Pilates, which has all the essentials (and more) for a rewarding full-body workout. Highlights include five high-tension performance springs, with four full-tension and one half-tension spring, along with extra-thick foam cushioning for maximum comfort during workouts. The reformer machine also comes with a reformer box and a metal roll-up pole.

    There’s no such thing as working out too much, as the reformer has durable vinyl upholstery that’s made for frequent, high-intensity use. Sleek aluminum rails keep the carriage gliding smoothly, while the rolling mechanism delivers a friction-free experience.

    In terms of versatility, this is one of the best Pilates reformers on the market, thanks to its three gearbox positions, three headrest positions, four footbar positions and six carriage stopping positions.

    The robust wooden standing platform provides a stable and secure surface for your favorite Pilates moves. If you’re looking for a Pilates reformer that can be stacked or upgraded to a vertical frame, you won’t find it here.

    This reformer also doesn’t have removable shoulder rests. However, it does have a padded platform extender along with double loop straps. Neoprene spring covers minimize noise. A workout DVD is included to help you get started, along with a beginner-friendly poster.

  3. 3. AeroPilates Premier Reformer

    • Easy to adjust the pulley risers
    • Works well for all abilities
    • Includes a stand riser
    • Doesn't fold up for storage
    • Some complaints that the included DVDs don't work
    • Foot bar isn't adjustable

    The AeroPilates Premier Reformer stands out for its overall value. The machine is advanced enough for more experienced users, yet works equally well for beginners. The reformer comes with an exercise chart if you need a bit more guidance.

    Highlights include adjustable resistance with four cords along with a taller rebounder. The foot bar is padded and is wide enough to feel comfortable during any movements with your hands or feet. The foot and hand straps are also covered by fuzzy material for added comfort.

    When adjustments are necessary, you can quickly and easily move the pulley risers to four height settings. The included stand raises the reformer off the ground so that you can complete a broader range of exercises. An adjustable head and neck pillow can be moved to various positions to make workouts more comfortable.

  4. 4. Balanced Body Studio Reformer

    • Frame measures 41 inches long
    • Secure and comfortable neoprene handles
    • Can be adjusted to three heights
    • Doesn't come with a springboard
    • Not very portable
    • Foot straps aren't padded

    The quiet and smooth-gliding Balanced Body studio reformer grows along with you, so you don’t have to worry about needing another reformer when you start to add accessories to boost your workouts. For example, there are slots for adding a jump board attachment. If you’re craving more of an upper body workout, simply use the included resistance bands or add your own.

    This Pilates reformer machine’s finer details are just as impressive, down to the hand-sanded maple frame with a premium satin finish and heavy-duty hardware that holds the reformer together, including anodized aluminum parts.

    Choppy rides aren’t an issue thanks to a precision carriage tracking system for a friction-free 41-inch carriage ride. Neoprene handles provide a secure and comfortable grip during workouts, while cotton material on the foot straps cushions the feet during various exercises.

    You can adjust the reformer to three heights, including down. The reformer can also be raised up to 15 inches high. Shoulder rests add an element of comfort. Even better, they’re adjustable and removable. This reformer is made in the U.S. and comes with a workout DVD.

    The balanced body Studio reformer covers all the basics, but if you’re looking for a little more you can upgrade to the version with the tower and mat system and a Revo footbar.

  5. 5. Peak Pilates fit Reformer

    • Can add a jump board
    • Same height as most studio reformers
    • Powder coated aluminum frame
    • Only available with black upholstery
    • A bit heavy for transporting
    • No padded foot bar

    Finding a Pilates reformer that can actually fit into your apartment or small home studio can be a chore, which is why Peak Pilates is offering its fit reformer for compact spaces.

    Despite its smaller size, this Pilates reformer machine measures 16 inches high, which is what you’ll find in most professional studios. It also comes with everything you need to crush your workouts, including a locking foot bar, multi-position one-hand gear bar and an alignment graphic. You can even add a jump board to the built-in side-split platform to boost your workouts.

    It may be compact, but this reformer is fully adjustable and comes with adjustable ropes, a three-position headrest and a four-position foot bar. You’ll also find double loops and a non-slip pad for extra security. A five-spring system provides plenty of resistance with two light, two medium and one heavy spring.

  6. 6. Elina Pilates Aluminum Reformer

    • Comes with a jump board and reformer box
    • Five spring levels for carriage
    • Smooth wheeled suspension system
    • A bit heavy for transporting
    • Doesn't look as polished as some wood reformers
    • Can be tough to fold for storage

    Aluminum is just as versatile as it is practical, making it a great choice for home and professional use. This Elina reformer features a whole-body treatment with baking varnish for longevity.

    An eco-friendly pearl finish gives it an upscale appearance that you’ll be proud to show off. In addition to its great looks, the reformer is also highly adaptable. Highlights include a fixed and fully padded foot bar and the ability to adjust in five different angles to get the most out of your workouts.

    Five springs are included, with two light, two medium and one strong spring for maximum resistance. Removable shoulder rests make the reformer that much more comfortable. This set contains a jump board and reformer box, along with double loops, triple D-ring cotton loops and a foot strap.

    When your session is over, simply move this Pilates reformer out of the way using its built-in transport wheels. You can also create more space by folding the reformer flat.

  7. 7. Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 557

    • Long aluminum rails
    • Stylish oak wood trim
    • Comes with high density shoulder pads
    • Doesn't come with headrest cushions
    • Nothing to hold the handles in place
    • Foot bar isn't padded

    The Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 557 has a lot to offer, from adjustable spring resistance to a large cardio rebounder so that you can complete a broader range of exercises. The reformer catches the eye with its stylish oakwood trim. There’s also a padded black platform. The footbar is removable and adjustable.

    The longer the platform, the more space you have to complete your favorite exercises. This reformer is equipped with an aluminum that’s nine inches longer than many of its competitors. High density foam shoulder pads provide plenty of cushioning during workouts.

  8. 8. Stott Pilates MERRITHEW SPX Max Plus Reformer

    • Adjustable in multiple ways, including three headrest positions and four footbar positions
    • Thick wooden standing platform for durability
    • Reformer is stackable with the frame removed
    • Doesn't include written exercise explanations
    • Vertical tower is sold separately
    • Doesn't come with a jumpboard or reformer box

    If you’re looking for the ultimate Pilates reformer machine for your home workouts, this Stott Pilates reformer bundle delivers with its distinctive retractable rope system, traveling pulleys and other premium features. Choose between various resistance angles to target different muscle groups and get that studio-quality Pilates workout at home.

    This bundle provides you with a reformer and Cadillac in one and caters to all fitness levels and workout goals. Despite all that it has to offer, this Pilates reformer requires a minimal amount of space. Highlights include recoiling rope reels for easy adjustments, durable aluminum rails for effortless gliding and enhanced springs that are designed to withstand frequent and heavy use.

    This home Pilates reformer also has multiple available positions, including three headrest positions, four footbar positions and multiple gearbar and carriage stopping positions. Features such as a thick wooden standing platform and pommel-style shoulder rests help this home Pilates machine stand out for its durability. The SPX Max Plus accommodates a wide range of user heights, from 4’8″ to 6’4″.

    When you’re done with your workout you can stack the reformer with the frame removed. It also has built-in wheels for easy transport and storage.

    A more basic and affordable alternative is the Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle.


  9. 9. Peak PilatesSystem PPS Deluxe

    • Comes with reformer, Cadillac and mat systems
    • Resistance levels ranging from light to heavy
    • Multi-position headrest and footbar
    • Some complaints of sharp footbar corners
    • Gaps in Cadillac layout can be bothersome
    • Pricey

    If you’re more in the mood for a complete home Pilates workout, this all-in-one machine delivers with reformer, Cadillac and mat systems. The PPS Deluxe has a five-spring system complete with resistance levels ranging from light to heavy. You’ll also find a multi-position headrest along with a four-position footbar complete with a safety latch.

    A hinged carriage lets you easily convert to a mat system when desired. The Cadillac setup includes push-through and roll down bars along with a pair of foot loops and a complete spring system. Despite its comprehensive design, you can fold the frame and roll this Pilates reformer away when necessary.

  10. 10. Pilates Cadillac Reformer

    • Modern European design makes the reformer a stylish choice for home studios
    • Quickly and easily converts between Cadillac and reformer
    • Comes with a jump board and box
    • Doesn't have transport wheels
    • Takes awhile to assemble
    • Foam padding could be more supportive

    As its name suggests, this piece of Pilates equipment incorporates a Cadillac and reformer combination for a more rewarding workout. Not only can you quickly and safely convert methods, but the piece is also compact enough for smaller home studios.

    This Pilates reformer includes a soft and smooth-sliding bed system and noiseless precision bearings, so you can work out without disturbing others. You’ll find adjustable quick-release shoulder rests and adjustable ropes with accompanying snaps for various exercises.

    The machine comes with a variety of long and short springs for varied resistance. The Cadillac features eight connection points for added stability, along with an adjustable push-through bar. A built-in standing platform is included, along with a jump board and box.

  11. 11. Pilates Power Gym Plus

    • Doubles as a strength training machine
    • Accommodates users up to 6'4"
    • Has nearly 250 resistance levels
    • Headrest isn't adjustable
    • Included workout DVD isn't the best
    • May be a bit cramped for taller users

    Pilates reformers aren’t known for being compact, which is why the Pilates Power Gym Plus stands out if you’re working with a smaller space. Once you’ve used the reformer for your favorite Pilates workouts, the equipment doubles as a strength training machine for one rewarding full-body workout after the next.

    There are four tension cords and 15 height elevations for nearly 250 resistance levels. Quick-release tension cords allow for fast and easy adjustments between exercises. You’ll also find a push-up bar and foot strap attachments to keep your upper and lower body in shape.

    This compact Pilates reformer has a durable steel frame that supports up to 300 pounds and can accommodate users up to 6’4″. A workout DVD is included to help you get started.

How Do I Choose a Pilates Reformer for My Home?

One of the most renowned pieces of Pilates equipment is the reformer. According to Club Pilates, the reformer is considered one of the original pieces of Pilates equipment and is named after founder Joseph Pilates.

Choosing a Pilates reformer for your home can seem like a daunting task, especially if you're relatively new to Pilates. With such a wide variety in prices, budget is often one of the biggest factors for shoppers.

If you're looking to mimic your favorite studio reformers, be prepared to spend more than you would on a more basic model. Some Pilates reformers can accommodate add-ons such as a jump board to boost your workout.

Which Is the Best Home Pilates Reformer?

Portable Pilates reformer machines are becoming increasingly popular in home gyms, and are designed to mimic the equipment you'll find in many classes. While there are variations among reformers, each machine has several standard components.

The first is the carriage, which is essentially a moving platform. The carriage is attached by a set of springs so that you can quickly and efficiently customize the amount of resistance for each move. You'll also find long straps with handles. These straps can be used for upper and lower body exercises.

Most Pilates reformer machines have adjustable parts to accommodate different body sizes and types. Pilates is a full-body workout that provides numerous benefits, making a reformer a meaningful addition to your home gym. Most notably, it tones the abs, back, arms and legs. Fitness Magazine suggests that Pilates can also ease back pain, especially in those who suffer from chronic lower back pain. It's also easy on the joints and can improve flexibility.

What Is the Best Pilates Equipment?

The Pilates Cadillac is a versatile piece of Pilates equipment that can elevate your home workouts to new levels. This versatile addition is sometimes referred to as a trapeze and is often accompanied by straps along with arm and leg springs.

If you think a Pilates Cadillac reformer is right for you, consider the AeroPilates Reformer 610 with Cadillac, Peak PilatesSystem PPS Deluxe or the Pilates Cadillac Reformer.

If you're in the market for a Balanced Body reformer, there are several potential Pilates machines to consider. The brand makes a range of accessible home Pilates reformers for beginners through advanced users. 

We suggest the IQ Reformer if you're looking for professional-level features or the Allegro 2, which includes legs to raise the reformer up to 15 inches off the ground.

Whether space is an issue or you're looking to create a full Pilates home studio, we highly recommend checking out our best Pilates chairs for home use. These chairs don't take up nearly as much space as your average reformer, but they offer a highly effective way to work out your whole body.

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