Dwight Howard’s Possible Lakers Reunion Sends Twitter Into Frenzy

Dwight Howard Lakers

Getty Dwight Howard of the Washington Wizards looks on from the bench during the first half of the game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the wake of the DeMarcus Cousins injury, the Lakers now find themselves in dire need of a backup big man. While JaVale McGee has proved himself capable of playing starter minutes, the Lakers need another big body to keep Anthony Davis from playing TOO much center during the regular season.

With the current free agent pool looking thin, one possible buyout candidate who happens to have a history with the Lakers made waves on Twitter. Despite no official reported link between either the Lakers or Dwight Howard, fans couldn’t help but laugh at the potentially drama-filled situation.

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Dwight Howard’s Possible Lakers Reunion Sends Twitter Into Frenzy

Twitter almost immediately jumped to the idea of Howard rejoining the Lakers after the announcement of DeMarcus Cousins’ injury – leading to a number of hilarious reactions.

(Warning: NSFW)

Does A Lakers – Dwight Howard Reunion Even Make Sense?

Weirdly enough, it kind of does. Howard wouldn’t be expected to do much else aside from give the Lakers 15-ish minutes a night off the bench. The market for Howard seems to be all but nonexistent at this point and assuming he winds up getting bought out, the Lakers should be able to pick him up for a minimum deal. After his recent interviews, it seems clear that Dwight just wants to play basketball.

Howard wouldn’t get to play much but he would see some minutes on a fairly regular basis – which is more than almost any other team in the league can say. Dwight seems to fit well as a strong rebounder and solid body to throw against some of the more traditional interior big men that still populate the league. While Howard will never be an effective perimeter defender, he protects the rim well, still has some athleticism left, and holds his ground extremely well in the post. Though somewhat unlikely given the two sides’ pasts, don’t rule out a potential reunion of Howard and the Lakers.

Other Lakers Free Agency Replacement Options

Outside of Dwight, the market for serviceable backup big men is relatively scarce. Filled with mostly aging vets like Zaza Pachulia and Andrew Bogut, there doesn’t seem to be a great fit left available. Nene and Kenneth Faried both seem like reasonable options as both players are cut from the same cloth. While Nene is slightly older, they both play with a ferocious tenacity and while not the most skilled big men, are adept at giving quality, high-energy minutes to hold teams over until the starters check back in.

Faried seems to be a slightly better fit given his age and relative athleticism, though Nene would offer at least a consistent option capable of playing 10-15 minutes of decent basketball on a nightly basis – that consistency is much more than most of the other free agents can offer.

As far as younger options go, the Lakers could try to make a run at Deyonta Davis. Davis was recently cut by the Hawks and should be able to be signed on a minimum deal – likely a one-year “prove it” deal. Though a bit raw, Davis has the tools of a solid rebounder and rim protector and has the athleticism to get up and down the court on fastbreaks as a lob threat.