Tour Championship Purse: How Much Money Does FedEx Cup Champion Make?

Getty Justin Rose holds up the FedEx Cup trophy in 2018.

The total purse for the FedEx Cup has increased by $25 million from a year ago to $60 million, per National Club Golfer. For the first time, the winner of the Tour Championship is also the FedEx Cup champion. The FedEx Cup and Tour Championship winner will take home $15 million.

The difference between first and second place is a whopping $10 million meaning there is a lot riding on the final round at East Lake. Rory McIlroy admitted that the money is a nice bonus, but being viewed as the champion is the bigger accomplishment.

“If the FedExCup wants to create a legacy that lasts longer, it doesn’t need to be about the money,” McIlroy told “It should be about the prestige of winning an event that you’ll be remembered for…For me and my competitive spirit, I want to win the FedExCup for a lot of different reasons. Is money one of them? Yeah, look, it would be nice to win on Sunday and be, oh, I’m $15 million richer, whatever it is. But at the same time, I’ll get more satisfaction from winning the golf tournament and playing well. One of the things that I’ve talked about over the past couple of years is I don’t think the money needs to be front and center because I don’t think that’s what the fans care about.”

The Revised Format Means There Is Now 1 Leaderboard for the FedEx Cup & Tour Championship

The PGA Tour wanted to simplify the playoff process and avoid handing out two trophies at the Tour Championship. This year they introduced a points system where the leaders heading into East Lake started the tournament under par. For example, first place in the FedEx standings began the Tour Championship at 10 strokes under par.

The changes have received mixed reviews, but it is hard to argue with the simplicity of the new format. Fans and golfers alike can look up at the leaderboard and know exactly where they stand. The previous system required additional math to know how the FedEx Cup points standings were impacted by the Tour Championship leaderboard. As for the money, Patrick Reed noted that the bigger deal is becoming the FedEx Cup winner.

“We all know, it’s a big number,” Reed noted to “But as the end of the day, as competitors, we’re out there trying to get hardware. We’re going out there to try to win a golf tournament. Whatever comes with it is great, but at the end of the day, we’re trying to go win a golf tournament and hold up a trophy because that’s what we’ve always played for. We’ve always played for trophies growing up.”

Here is a look at the prize money distributiion for the top 30 players who are competing at East Lake, per the National Club Golfer.

FedEx Cup Playoff Purse 2019: Prize Money Distribution at Tour Championship

1. $15,000,000
2. $5,000,000
3. $4,000,000
4. $3,000,000
5. $2,500,000
6. $1,900,000
7. $1,300,000
8. $1,100,000
9. $950,000
10. $830,000
11. $750,000
12. $705,000
13. $660,000
14. $620,000
15. $595,000
16. $570,000
17. $550,000
18. $535,000
19. $520,000
20. $505,000
21. $490,000
22. $478,000
23. $466,000
24. $456,000
25. $445,000
26. $435,000
27. $425,000
28. $415,000
29. $405,000
30. $395,000

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