Andre Iguodala Addresses Buyout as Lakers, Clippers Await

Andre Iguodala

Getty Andre Iguodala

NBA training camps open next week and for three-time NBA champ Andre Iguodala, a heavy dose of uncertainty lingers around where he will be when that happens.

“We’ll see,” Iguodala told NBC Bay Area’s Monte Poole. “OK, maybe I shouldn’t say we’ll see. But we’re trying to figure out things on both sides. They’re trying to figure out some things, and I’m trying to figure out some things. As of today, we’re on the same page. Camp opens the next week. We’ll see. We’re on the same page though.”

Iguodala was traded to Memphis this summer to make room for the sign-and-trade deal that brought D’Angelo Russell back from Brooklyn in exchange for Kevin Durant. The Warriors gave up a first-round pick in 2024 and $2 million as part of the deal.

That almost immediately made Iguodala a candidate for a buyout from the team. But discussions have stalled as the Grizzlies still hope to wrangle more assets out of Iguodala, who will be pursued by several contenders if he reaches free agency.

Grizzlies Seeking Assets for Iguodala

The Grizzlies have made it clear that they want to keep Iguodala in hopes of getting back assets in a trade—ideally a first-round pick, though that’s highly unlikely and one or more second-rounders is more plausible.

Even that might be overshooting for Iguodala, though. He is 35, after all, and averaged a career-low 5.7 points in 23.2 minutes last season. The Grizzlies already gained a future pick and cash. They can’t expect to get much more out of him—a buyout makes some sense.

Memphis also must consider its reputation around the league among players and agents. If the team chooses to play hardball with Iguodala on a buyout it could tarnish a franchise that is already coping with a front-office overhaul and its third coach in three seasons.

Netting a future second-rounder is probably not worth that cost, not if Iguodala is reasonable in his buyout request. That’s a big issue for the Grizzlies. Iguodala is owed $17 million of next season and if Memphis is to pay him off to play for someone else, the Grizzlies want Iguodala to accept much less than $17 million.

He’s not conceding that—not yet, at least.

“Negotiations are a tactic,” Iguodala said, “so you’ve got to be careful how you approach it, or how you verbalize what you would do going forward. But you can’t leave anything on the table.”

Lakers, Clippers & Rockets Among Interested Teams

Once Iguodala hits the market, expect a frenzy to sign him, especially among West contenders who badly want championship experience and know that the margin between a deep playoff run and a first-round ouster could be thin next spring.

The Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams in the West expected to show interest in Iguodala. The Nuggets, too, are an outside contender for him. The Nets too could make a push in the East.

But none of those teams is willing to give up assets for Iguodala, not when it looks like a buyout could come. As Iguodala said: We’ll see.

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