Eagles’ Carson Wentz Makes Major Confession

Carson Wentz

Getty Eagles QB Carson Wentz has signed on to promote an outdoor life line with Amazon.

There has been much said and written about Carson Wentz and what went wrong last year. Now, after his first fully healthy offseason in 24 months, the Eagles quarterback finally feels at ease with himself and this team.

Wentz, who was recovering from a torn ACL plus dealing with a nagging back injury in 2018, has a different kind of swagger. He’s confident — although not cocky — and admits that stress played a big part in holding him back. The fourth-year player out of North Dakota knows the potential is there. He just needs to keep everything out in front of him.

The signal-caller recently sat down with a small group of reporters and gave candid responses to some tough questions. It was a rare moment of intimacy for a player who often seems guarded and aloof. When asked if the mental side of his comeback was more challenging than the physical one, Wentz said yes.

“At times. You could say that,” Wentz told reporters, via NJ Advance Media. “Obviously, physically, last year, just looking at the knee and everything about that. But the mental side of it, I think the journey I’ve been on the last two years ending the season on the bench and everything that’s come with that, from the criticism, from everything about it, has just allowed me to find freedom in this game again and not press, not put so much pressure on myself and just let the stress kind of just fade away and go play.”

The criticism Wentz mentioned was in reference to a scathing — and awkwardly worded and timed — article from Philly Voice where unnamed teammates questioned his leadership and painted a never-before-seen portrait of him as a “selfish” player.

“It’s been a journey and, by no means am I going to say I’m perfect, that I have everything figured out,” Wentz said, via NJ Advance Media. “But the pressure and the expectations and everything surrounding everything that I have always done a good job of blocking out. But then you compound that with injury and then the struggle that we had last year early on, it just kind of got me to … seeing this game, it was more stressful and I was less free playing it.”

Carson Wentz Switches Up Offseason Diet

The quarterback made a conscious effort to eat better and get leaner this offseason. Wentz jokingly said he borrowed a page from Tom Brady’s playbook, but he definitely appears to be in much better shape.

One of the most drastic changes he made was cutting out pizza. That, and trying out vegan food. The latter seemed unfathomable for a meat lover from North Dakota. Remember, Wentz is an avid hunter and loves the outdoors.

He confided that he was skeptical at first, saying he thought he lost his “man card.” Wentz is back to eating meat, just bring a little more deliberate about what goes into his body.

“I’ve been to a few vegan restaurants now and every time I do I feel very weird,” Wentz said, via ESPN. “I literally have an outdoor show where we hunt and we eat. I feel weird like I’m almost leaving my man card at the door, but there is some great vegan food. We’ve eaten some and I do enjoy it. But no, meat is still very much in the diet.”



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