Antonio Brown Refollows Raiders on Instagram, but Not Derek Carr

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Getty Antonio Brown & Derek Carr.

With the revelation that the Oakland Raiders won’t suspend wide receiver Antonio Brown after his alleged altercation with general manager Mike Mayock, the team is hoping things get back to normal. One of the notable things that happened during the 24-hour media firestorm was that Brown unfollowed the Raiders’ Instagram page and Derek Carr’s Instagram page. There haven’t been any reported issues between the two men, so it was an interesting development considering he didn’t unfollow any other teammates. Now that the drama is temporarily over, Brown has started to follow the Raiders Instagram page, but he’s still not following Carr’s.

Antonio Brown’s Following list on Instagram.

This could be trying to make a story where there is none, but keep in mind, Brown had really bad problems with Ben Roethlisberger towards the end of his time in Pittsburgh. He is also on Instagram quite a bit, so it’s doubtful that it’s an oversite on his part considering he made sure to follow the Raiders page. If Carr did something from Thursday to Friday to displease Brown, he could easily hold a grudge.

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Why Would Antonio Brown Be Upset With Derek Carr?

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It’s important to note that Brown could follow Carr at any point during the publication of this article and everything will be back to normal. However, while Carr remains unfollowed, it’s cause for concern. The wide receiver’s frustration could come from the fact that there was a reported meeting where the team captains gave the coaches the go-ahead to let go of Brown if that was their call.

“You go in, as the captains did [Thursday], and talk to Jon Gruden and say ‘whatever you decided to do because it was so bad because of what happened to Mike Mayock and what happened was so bad’ – they’re fine with whatever they decide,” said Derek Carr’s brother, David, on NFL Total Access.

This stance could’ve been perceived by Brown as a lack of loyalty on Carr’s part. There’s no question that Carr is the leader of the team and Brown could’ve been hurt by the fact that his quarterback didn’t back him up. Carr did have a chance to talk about the Brown controversy after Thursday’s practice.

“We communicated back and forth and, when that was done we were all excited to move forward,” said Carr, per NBC Sports’ Scott Bair.

It could be a situation where the two men are on speaking terms but don’t like each other very much. Carr and Brown had a great relationship to start his tenure in Oakland. Carr has never bashed Brown in the media. In fact, he typically defends him. Knowing Brown, whatever happened from Thursday to Friday may become public knowledge someday. It also may be a huge nothing burger. Time will tell, but past history and current behavior would indicate it could get worse before it gets better.

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