Jon Gruden Rips Antonio Brown, Patriots Following Win

Getty Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

The Oakland Raiders fans made their feelings on Antonio Brown very clear on Monday night with a roaring, NSFW chant taking over the Oakland Coliseum for most of the night during the team’s 24-16 victory over the Denver Broncos.

Following the victory, Jon Gruden and the Raiders players mostly took the high road when it came to Brown, wishing him the best in New England and letting the fans speak for them when it came to any non-politically correct comments on the ordeal.

However, one quote from Gruden stood out in particular as a jab at the team’s former headache.

“As much as people talked about it, I mean my god. I feel like somebody was smashing my temple on the side of the head,” Gruden told reporters after the game, just minutes after saying he was done talking about it for good. “Get over it, man. It’s over. We were good this preseason without him. We were fine without him. We wish him the best. We gave it a shot. Now New England gets their turn. Good luck to them. I can’t deal with it anymore.”

Derek Carr also spoke on the Brown debacle, which probably hurt a little less considering his success against the Broncos. Carr completed 22 of 26 passes for 259 yards and a touchdown. And more importantly, he wasn’t sacked once.

“He’s gone. I wish him the best,” Carr said. “There’s no hurt feelings. There’s no anger in me. It stung as a friend seeing him go somewhere else, but I wish him the best.”

Antonio Brown Likes Tweet Ripping Former Steelers Teammates

Brown is not one to keep things subtle — whether it’s an Instagram post asking for his release or flaunting his new home in New England with piles of money around him.

So when the Steelers struggled in a 33-3 loss on Sunday night against the Patriots — Brown’s new squad — he took the opportunity to gloat, just a little.

Brown like a tweet from rapper Nelly who wrote: “Who is Big Ben going to blame this one on..? Plus juju is finding out what it means to be the number focus one the defense board..!!!”

As this point, the Steelers seem centuries removed from their time dealing with Brown. But of course, QB Ben Roethlisberger was asked about it following the loss to the Pats. He had little to say about it.

According to ESPN, a reporter asked: “Ben, your thoughts on Antonio Brown joining these guys now.”

The two-time Super Bowl champ responded simply: “Whatever.”

Tom Brady Links Up With New Teammate Antonio Brown

Brown has quickly made an impact on his new quarterback Tom Brady in New England. He spent his first official deal with the team on Monday.

“Antonio, meeting him today, I really enjoyed being around him,” Brady said in his weekly Westwood One interview that aired Monday night. “He’s a very smart football player, knows how to play the game. He’s been extremely productive.”

Brady has offered Brown a spot at his house as he gets on his feet in New England, but said it’s not specific to his new pass-catcher.

“You know, I have asked a lot of guys over the years to stay at my house,” Brady said via ESPN. “Some have taken me up on it and others haven’t. I just want this transition for him to be really smooth. It’s been a lot of travel for him to go from the West Coast to the East Coast. Learning the playbook. I just want him to be comfortable. Whatever’s up to him, I’m totally cool with.”

Brown is expected to make his Patriots debut against the lowly Miami Dolphins this week.

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