Video Emerges of Myles Garrett Assault [WATCH]

Getty Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

In one of the wildest stories of a fan encounter maybe ever, Cleveland Browns star defensive end and NFL co-sack leader Myles Garrett was punched in the face by a fan while in traffic on Wednesday.

Garrett tweeted about the incident on Wednesday, which quickly became national news and a topic of conversation on just about every radio show.

“A ‘fan’ hopped out his car to take a picture with me and then punched me in my face. Hm, put your legs into it might have actually made me flinch,” Garrett said. “Was in my car, flagged me down for a picture and I cracked the window enough for the camera to get my face. Took the pic and gave me a pillow tap.”

Garrett joked about the situation saying: “Couple L’s and a weather change got people acting up.”

The Browns have said they’re aware of the situation and have contacted law enforcement. Late Wednesday, reported that officers had identified the puncher as a 24-year-old from Strongsville. No charges have been filed, according to the site.

Later in the day, video emerged of the assault, although it might have come just a little too late. The video poster said the blue Chevy pulling that pulls through the gas station is the culprit and described him as a “scrawny white dude.”

Garrett responded to the video with pretty much what we were all thinking after watching it.

“Preciate the video but how you gonna start recording AFTER I got punched,” Garrett wrote. “Lmao you can’t make this stuff up. Dude took a pic. Gave me a soft bop. And SLID. #fakelove #jeremyisokay”

Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic has Myles Garrett’s Back

Garrett is one of the most physically imposing figures in the NFL. At 6-foot-2, 272 pounds and the quickness of someone half his size, he’s a good bet in just about any scrap.

The only man scarier than him in the city of Cleveland would be the UFC Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, who happens to be Garrett’s training partner and good buddy.

After the video went viral, Miocic reached out with some support.

“Next time just just me up! I got you,” Miocic wrote.

That’s quite the Dawg Check.

Myles Garrett Dominating on the Field for Browns

Prior to the season, Garrett expressed that he wanted to be the defensive player of the year. He’s certainly on the right path.

Garrett is on pace to shatter the franchise record of 13.5 this season, already notching nine through six games. He’s is tied for the league lead with Tampa Bay’s Shaquil Barrett.

Browns defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi praised Garrett for playing more controlled after accounting for a massive amount of penalties early on in the season. The penalties resulted in some massive fines, totaling $52,639 for hits on New York Jets quarterback Trevor Siemian as well as his Week 1 head slap of Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker.

While he has kept the yellow laundry off the field for the most part, Garrett did lineup offsides against the Seahawks on a play that would have given him his third sack of the afternoon. Lupoi won’t let him forget about that anytime soon.

“He negated his third sack of the game against Seattle when he aligned offsides and those are things where it comes down to discipline plays,” Lupoi said. “It’s your responsibility to check that you are onsides and our responsibility up front to make sure that it’s more important that we’re not trying to time out the ball or guess but we can still get elite takeoff when the ball moves.”

Garrett and the Browns are off this week, but will see the Patriots on Oct. 27 when they return to the field.

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