Justin Verlander’s Wife Kate Upton Is Ready for the World Series

Justin Verlander Wife

Getty Justin Verlander and wife Kate Upton celebrate the Astros 2019 ALDS win over the Rays.

Count Justin Verlander’s wife, Kate Upton, among those that were thrilled that the Astros made the World Series. As Verlander takes the mound for Houston in Game 2, you can expect Upton to be in the stands cheering him on.

Upton has become a staple at Astros games even on Verlander’s off games. During the ALCS, Upton was seen talking with Rockets stars Russell Westbrook and James Harden, who were decked out in Astros gear. She took to Instagram to celebrate the Astros punching their ticket to the World Series and posted a photo of the couple embracing on the field after Houston defeated New York in the ALCS.

“WORLD SERIES BOUND!!! So proud of you @justinverlander!! ?? CONGRATS ASTROS!!” Upton noted on Instagram.

Verlander Had an Awkward First Meeting With Upton

The couple first met while shooting a commercial for the video game MLB2K12. Things got a bit awkward after Verlander told some of the other players’ on the set that he was going to get Upton’s number. The only problem was his mic was still on from the commercial shoot, and Upton heard his prediction as Verlander explained to US Magazine.

“My favorite celeb encounter was with Kate! We first met at a commercial shoot, and I had my microphone on and didn’t realize,” Verlander explained to US Magazine. “I told my friends that I was gonna get her number and she heard me! But it worked.”

The Couple’s Daughter Has Been Attending Astros Games With Upton

Verlander is getting an added bonus during games as the couple’s daughter, Genevieve, has been sitting with Upton. The couple became proud parents in 2018, and Upton noted earlier this year that sometimes she needs to get out of the house.

“It’s that weird mixture,” Upton noted to Extra TV. “I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but it’s kinda, like, nice to, like, bust out of the house a little bit, get away, but always sad. I always miss her.”

During Upton’s first Mother’s Day, Verlander praised his wife with a lengthy Instagram message.

“… There isn’t another person on this planet I would rather have setting an example for our daughter,” Verlander explained on Instagram. “This world isn’t easy, but to have a strong, independent, loving and caring mom like you leading the way will always give her a guiding light that she can turn to when she needs help. I’m so proud to call you Vivi’s mom (Vivi too if she could talk)! I love you so much! ”

A World Series Game 7 Almost Caused the Couple to Miss Their Own Wedding in 2017

Verlander and Upton got married on November 4, 2017 in Tuscany, but the World Series made is very difficult for the couple to make their own wedding. The Astros-Dodgers series ended up going seven games which means they were not able to leave for Tuscany until a little before their wedding. Upton recalled how their families beat them there during an interview with The Tonight Show.

“Everybody is in Italy!” Kate noted, per Vogue. “Everyone is at the venue! We had an event that night and everyone’s texting us, saying your wedding is so pretty. Wish you were here!”

Verlander had to miss some of the Astros’ celebration in the following days in order to make it to his own wedding. The good news is the couple is now married so the 2019 World Series will not put their ceremony in jeopardy.

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