Lions’ Darius Slay Calls out Giants Over Nickname Use [LOOK]

Darius Slay

Getty Darius Slay celebrates the Lions win over the Panthers in 2018.

Darius Slay wants to make sure there is only one player with the nickname “Big Play Slay” roaming the field in the NFL, and wants people to remember he suits up for the Detroit Lions.

Apparently, there was some confusion about that fact in terms of the New York Giants and their social media team on Sunday afternoon. With the Giants getting rookie wide receiver Darius Slayton into the end zone, someone thought it would be a good idea to drop the term “Big Play Slay” in reference to Slayton, who does reference himself as “Slay” in his Twitter handle.

That caught the attention of the notoriously social media savvy Slay, who offered a well-timed clap back to the Giants, which essentially dropped the mic on the entire situation.

Slayton, to his credit, hilariously took things in stride, posting a very fitting Spiderman meme in responds to Slay, which the cornerback clearly loved with his response.

Obviously, there is no bad blood here, just some good natured internet ribbing. Of course the Giants can likely take this as their warning not to let the simple mistake happen again.

Truthfully a Big Play Machine

It’s probably not wise to equate any rookie in the league to Slay, a Pro Bowl player who has been there and done that in league circles for years. Not only does Slay have 18 interceptions in his career, most have come at critical junctures of the game, either to help the Lions turn momentum around or put away a win. To that end, it’s not boasting when Slay refers to himself by the nickname. It’s simply been proven to be the truth over a number of years in his entire career.

Slay is always hard on himself and wants to make more interceptions and big plays for the Detroit cause, but nobody can take away what he’s meant to the franchise already both on and off the field in his young career. Truthfully, the Lions have been able to build around Slay as a second round pick that they have cultivated and developed well. Slayton likely can only hope things turn out as well for him.

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More Spice for Giants vs. Lions in October

Interestingly, Slay and Slayton will get to battle in what could now be dubbed the “Big Play” bowl later on this month when the Giants visit the Lions at Ford Field. Slay might be diplomatic about things now, but you can bet he will remember this gaffe by the social media folks and use it as motivation on the day in order to play his best game possible. That’s bad news for the Giants.

Giving a player like Slay extra motivation for a critical matchup is tough. Think of it as new age billboard material. So far this season, Slay would likely say he’s been held in check by his own standards with 7 tackles and 1 interception, even as that pick helped them beat the Los Angeles Chargers and even as he has been hampered by a hamstring injury. Slay, though, sounds more than ready to get back on the field.

It will be fun to see who gets the upper hand in the Slay vs. Slayton game coming up. The world may not be ready for two with the moniker “Big Play Slay,” and that is probably just fine for the Darius in Detroit.

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