NFL Analyst Names Perfect Trade Deadline Fit for Lions

Leonard Williams

Getty Leonard Williams playing with the Jets.

The Detroit Lions are sitting in the middle of the NFL pack with their average record, and a big move could be needed in order for the team to continue to hang around contention this season.

So what type of move does the team need to make in order to take things to the next step? It’s on the defensive side of the ball, along the defensive front. According to Bleacher Report and writer Maurice Moton, Leonard Williams makes the most sense for the Lions.

The New York Jets’ defensive lineman could be on the trading block considering his team’s tough start to the season, and if that is the case, some people think the Lions should give the Jets a call in order to see about the availability of someone like Williams.

Here’a a look at what Moton said about why Williams makes the most sense for Detroit:

“At 2-3-1, the Lions can contend for a playoff berth with crucial victories in the second half of the season. They have no time to wait for their ailing defensive linemen to return. Also, A’Shawn Robinson and Daniels are playing on expiring contracts.

General manager Bob Quinn should offer a third- and a sixth-round pick for the Jets defensive lineman.

Williams can suit up right away, contribute and potentially re-sign on a multiyear deal as a roster building block. He’s doesn’t produce a lot of sacks, 17 in his career, but the USC product can cause problems in the opponent’s backfield, especially on running downs. The 25-year-old has recorded 32 tackles for loss in 69 contests.”

The Lions have needs up front, so the fact Williams is named is not a surprise. If he will be made available by the Jets is another story, but there could be a chance for a team like Detroit to be able to score the free agent to be to help out their defensive front in 2019.

What Williams Would Bring

It’s true that Detroit’s front has taken a beating lately due to injuries and other problems this season. Adding a guy like Williams, who is a major piece, would no doubt help the Lions out as they try to plug some holes along the team’s depleted front. In his career, Williams has put up 233 tackles, 17 sacks and has been a dominating presence up front which gives his defense an ability to make tons of plays around him.

The 25 year old would be a force the Lions could keep around and grow with, so to that end he could be had for a decent asset and would probably be worth that asset. His youth, production, and the fact that Matt Patricia likely knows him from the NFC East would make the move very interesting from the Detroit perspective.

Trade Deadline Planning

The Lions also need to look at the defensive line for upgrades. Their defense is running out of answers early in the season, and frustration is boiling over early on. The Lions have big needs in plenty of places on the team, and the line up front seems to be a huge spot of focus.

There are other spots on the roster which could use a boost, but adding a player like Williams with talent at a spot of major need could be a good midseason home run.

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