Lonzo Ball & Ex-Girlfriend Denise Garcia Break Up Again

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Instagram/Getty Lonzo Ball and ex-girlfriend Denise Garcia are no longer together.

Lonzo Ball and ex-girlfriend Denise Garcia have called it quits again which is not the first time the couple has broken up. Ball detailed their relationship status on a radio interview with Big Boy, per USA Today.

“We’re not together, we do not live together, but we are good, though,” Ball explained, per USA Today. “… Who knows what happens in the future? We may hate each other, but we’re right now we’re cool.”

Heading into last season, Garcia and Ball were also not together but appeared to reconnect later. Ball has been linked with a new woman, Ally Rossel, per SportsGossip.

The relationship status between Ball and Rossel is still unclear. According to Sports Gossip, Garcia threatened to tell her side of the story about their relationship, but so far there has been no news when it comes to their dispute. Ball and Garcia had been together since their high school days in California.

The Couple Are the Proud Parents of a Daughter, Zoey

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Whether or not the two reconcile their differences, Ball and Garcia remain proud parents to their daughter Zoey. Ball opened up about the impact of fatherhood on an episode of “The Shop”.

“I think when my daughter was born, that’s when it really clicked,” Ball said, per USA Today. “Like ‘Yo, you got to start taking control’ just because now I’m not just doing [expletive] for me. Not for my mom or my dad that I love but I got to look out for a little one that’s mine, that I brought into the world. So, I mean, when she was born, that’s when I started thinking about it. And then, everything that just happened recently with Alan (Foster) and everything, that’s what kind of like woke me up.”

Lonzo Admitted He Was Happy to Leave Los Angeles

Not only did Ball grow up in Los Angeles, but he went to college at UCLA. Ball completed the rare trifecta when he was drafted by the Lakers, but it also means he had been in L.A. his entire life when many of his peers have already lived in multiple cities. During an interview with The Athletic, Ball admitted to being “happy” to leave Los Angeles and get a fresh start in New Orleans.

“It was only a matter of time before a trade happened,” Ball explained to The Athletic. “I pretty much knew a trade would happen. Any time you have a player like Anthony Davis available, I knew it was going to be my time. I was looking forward to it and I was excited for a new start. Getting out of L.A. for the first time in my life. I’m happy about it. It was just time for a change. I got hurt both years and didn’t do what I wanted to do. I was blessed to stay home and play in front of everybody, but it wasn’t working over there.”

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