Jerry Jones Cracks Epic Quip About Black Cat in Cowboys’ Win Over Giants

Cat in Cowboys-Giants game

Getty Cat in Cowboys-Giants game

In the Dallas Cowboys‘ world, black cats actually represent good fortune.

Negative superstitions were put to rest Monday night at MetLife Stadium, where one such stray feline sauntered onto the field in the first half of Dallas’ Week 9 matchup against the New York Giants.

When the cat made its way across the gridiron, with about five minutes remaining in the second quarter, the Cowboys were losing to the Giants, 9-3, in a particularly worrisome half of football.

Once the cat exited — it eventually jumped into the stands — the Cowboys’ luck took a turn for the better. They went on to outscore New York 34-9 across the final two frames, including a 21-point fourth quarter which cemented a 37-18 conquest and season sweep of the rival G-Men.

After the win, which lifted the Cowboys to 5-3, a playful Jerry Jones jokingly took possession of the team’s new (unofficial) mascot.

“There’s the cage over there for my cat. He was so mean, I didn’t even want to look at him,” Jones quipped to reporters, via The Athletic.

And, Jerry being Jerry, he couldn’t allow the cat to have its own 15 minutes. That, following a big primetime victory, belongs to the Cowboys’ owner, who somehow tied the spectacle to himself.

“I haven’t seen one glare at me that far away before. I know he was looking at me the whole time he was out there,” Jones said, via The Athletic. “But things did kind of change when that black cat came. What was amazing to me was how few people wanted to go grab him.”

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Cowboys Players Comment on Cat’s Presence

Multi-millionaire, world-class athletes — some built like Adonises — reacted the same way you might when the animal got a little too close for comfort. Especially with it being a black cat, which wives tales have told us bring misgivings to anyone crossing its path.

“I was just wondering who was going to catch the thing,” quarterback Dak Prescott said, per The Athletic. “I wasn’t getting close to it. I’m not superstitious or anything, but I wasn’t getting near it. Thankful they were able to get that thing out of the stadium and we were able to get back to the game.”

“Bad luck, stay away. … I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious, but I wasn’t going anywhere near it. I’m allergic to cats,” said running back Ezekiel Elliott, per The Athletic.

“First thing that crossed my mind was, ‘F—, (Giants) got bad luck now. Game over,” said defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, via Maven Sports. “If a black cat runs on a football field on MNF, you might as well call it quits. I hate cats too, so it was like, ‘F—, f—, F—!’ Somebody get the cat before it gets it me!”

Background/Latest on the Cat

Apparently, MetLife Stadium has something of a stray problem, as locals noted that several cats live in the bleachers of the Giants’ home field. This particular cat, the theory goes, was startled by the crowd noise and, in unusual fashion, made a break for the on-field action.

According to the stadium’s official Twitter account, the cat re-hid in a seating area. Once it’s located again (if it is), handlers are expected to transport it to a veterinary for a check-up.

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