‘Idiot’ NFL Analyst Issues Public Apology to Cowboys QB Dak Prescott [WATCH]

Dak Prescott

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Last month, former Eagles linebacker-turned-NFL analyst Emmanuel Acho tweaked Dak Prescott by comparing the Dallas Cowboys quarterback to a Toyota 4 Runner.

It wasn’t meant as an insult so much as a contrast to Philadelphia QB Carson Wentz, whom Acho likened to an “exotic car.”

“Dak Prescott is like your good old Toyota 4 Runner. He’s steady, you know what you can get from him, he’s reliable,” he told ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on Oct. 17. “Carson Wentz is like that exotic car. Now that exotic car is going to break down, Greenie, we all know that. But one day you’re going to get into a high-speed chase and you’re going to be real mad if you’re sitting in a 4 Runner. That’s how I put it.”

Say this for Acho: He’s owning up to his mistake.

In a Thursday segment on ESPN, he issued a public and resounding apology to Prescott, the league’s leading passer and a frontrunner to win Most Valuable Player. Acho — a self-confessed “idiot” for doubting Dak — made clear that he’s seen the light.

“I have to admit, I’m an idiot,” he said, before explaining why via game film. “Dak Prescott is both a Toyota 4 Runner and an exotic car, and I’m going to show you why. I was watching the Cowboys versus the Lions, and I was like, ‘Dak’s on pace to break a Cowboys record, but he’s lucky.’ Then I kicked back and watched the Vikings game. Randall Cobb, he’s throwing his hands up, saying he’s wide open. But Dak, off his back foot, had already seen it and he’s throwing it just as a hand is in the air. Here’s the best part about it all: The DB is in great coverage, but he puts the ball perfectly, like a long hand-off right into the receiver’s arms.

Here’s what I have to say: Dak, I apologize, and I’m never saying a bad word about you again.”

You can view Acho’s apology for yourself in the video embedded below.

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LT Unveils Wild Theory on Dak Prescott, Cowboys [WATCH]

Analysts from all over the country, it seems, are banding together and jumping on the Dakwagon. This is especially so for ex-NFLers who may appreciate Prescott’s ability more than the average prognosticator.

Take, for example, Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who confidently believes his tinfoil-hat theory that Dallas reducing Ezekiel Elliott’s offensive role is a direct result of an organizational decision to tilt the (figurative) field in Dak’s direction.

Tomlinson introduced his theory to the masses on Monday’s episode of Undisputed, alongside noted Cowboys fanatic Skip Bayless and regular Prescott discreditor Shannon Sharpe.

“When you have a young QB and offensive coordinator, you’re going to try to uplift that QB to be in the MVP race. So, naturally you’re not going to run the ball as much,” Tomlinson said in the video embedded below.

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