Referee Revealed for Lions vs. Bears on Thanksgiving Day

Jerome Boger

Getty Jerome Boger watches NFL replay.

The Detroit Lions are now playing out the string in the 2019 season, and at 3-7-1, it’s time for the team and fans to start thinking more about NFL Draft positioning than any big game on the field.

To that end, the role the referees play in if the Lions win or lose seems to be minimizing more than a bit in recent weeks, but in a season in which the Lions didn’t get any help from the officials, it’s still important to monitor who will be making the calls for the team. In Week 13 and on Thanksgiving Day, that will be Jerome Boger.

This week, according to Football Zebras, Boger has been revealed as the referee for the team’s game against the Chicago Bears from Ford Field, and for the Lions, this should be decent news given the fact that Boger hasn’t had too many controversial run ins with the team during his time in the league.

Here’s a look at more about Boger.

Jerome Boger’s History

Since 2006, Boger has been a referee in the NFL. Prior to that, he was a line judge who came into the league in 2004. Boger’s highlights include working Super Bowl XLVII. Off the field, he is an underwriter for Allstate Insurance Company and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Prior to becoming a referee, Boger was a football player himself, playing quarterback for Morehouse College in Georgia. When he didn’t make it to the next level, he decided to stick close to the game by becoming an official. His son also played football and was briefly on the Green Bay Packers’ roster before being released.

This year, Boger is averaging 13.60 penalties per-game, which is on the low side given some of the referees the Lions have seen this year. He has, however, called 10 more penalties on home teams than road teams thus far this season.

Jerome Boger’s History With Lions

In the last few years, Boger has worked a handful of Lions games and all have been anti-climatic in terms of blown calls or mistakes, two things fans are most worried about after an ugly 2019 season with regards to the referees thus far.

During the 2018 season, Boger officiated Detroit’s win over the Miami Dolphins and their loss to the Buffalo Bills. In 2017, Boger worked Detroit’s late season loss to the Baltimore Ravens. In the final game of the 2016-17 season, Boger oversaw Detroit’s loss on home field in the season finale to the Green Bay Packers.

While the Lions have not won every game he’s officiated, there hasn’t been a recent instance where a Boger missed call or blown call has directly impacted Detroit. To that end, it’s nice to see him get the assignment on Thanksgiving rather than some of the other options the Lions could have seen for the game.

In terms of the Bears, Boger worked games in 2017 and 2018 involving Chicago. On the whole, he hasn’t been a common referee for either team to deal with recently.

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