Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly Stafford Battled Through Tumor

Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly Stafford, has become an inspiration to many fans during her public health battle. Kelly had a tumor on her brain removed in April, per ESPN.

She has used this as an opportunity to provide encouragement and inspiration to people. Kelly frequently makes social media posts providing fans with updates on her health status. Kelly recently posted a video from when she was recovering from brain surgery and re-learning to walk down the stairs.

“Reminder that sometimes you need to take it slow. Brain surgery or no brain surgery. #anwarrior #staffordstrong,” Kelly noted on Instagram.

Kelly described her initial diagnosis in her first-person account of her progression for ESPN.

A few days after the MRI, we got the results. The medical term was an acoustic neuroma or vestibular schwannoma. There was a tumor sitting on some of my cranial nerves. I was told I needed to have surgery to remove it. And I was terrified.

Kelly Has Made a Remarkable Recovery Since Having Brain Surgery

Kelly has made a remarkable progression since having the surgery. Matthew’s wife frequently posts videos of her boxing workout routine showing she has clearly made a strong recovery from the initial diagnosis. The couple are the proud parents of three kids: Hunter, Chandler and Sawyer.

Kelly had to be away from her kids for two weeks after the surgery which she admitted was one of the most difficult parts of the recovery. She praised Matthew in her ESPN feature for being “incredible during the whole process.”

Matthew was incredible during the whole process. He was literally by my side at every step. I had exercises I needed to do — some of them were seemingly simple, like shaking my head left and right — and Matthew helped me through all of it.

Kelly noted in the article that the typical prognosis is to feel symptom-free after a year. She explained that some days she feels better than others but overall is optimistic about her health.

These days, I feel pretty good. Days are longer. Some days are hard — some mornings I wake up a little foggy, and know I have to take the day a little slower. It’s rarer for me to get dizzy. Background noise can be tough (but also good — sometimes I don’t hear what I don’t want to hear)…

The doctors said it would take about a year for me to feel symptom-free and have the same energy I had before. Thursday, Oct. 17, marks six months. I’m really excited to hit that marker.

Kelly Praised the Lions Doctors for Keeping Matthew Off the Field

It has been a difficult year for Matthew as well. After holding one of the longest streaks for games played, the Lions quarterback was sidelined with fractured bones in his back. Kelly took to Instagram to praise the Lions doctors for keeping her husband off the field even when he wanted to play.

“I don’t think there is anything this man hates more than to not be out there battling with his guys,” Kelly noted on Instagram. “These men work so hard all year’s tough to sideline them. So I’m grateful for our team docs. He has battled through so much, so much more than anyone knows. I’m incredibly proud to be his wife, he’s the toughest SOB…but I’m happy his body will get a little healing time.”