Mitchell Trubisky Injury: Twitter Reacts, Fans Call For Colin Kaepernick

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Getty Several fans and media personnel took to Twitter to suggest former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick should replace current Chicago Bears starting QB Mitchell Trubisky. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

It was a bizarre scene to say the least. With under four minutes to go in the fourth quarter of the Chicago Bears Sunday night game against the Los Angeles Rams, Bears head coach Matt Nagy pulled his starting quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, out of the game.

It was a move that appeared to look like a benching; commentators Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels were baffled, and assumed Trubisky was benched, primarily because they said they had received “no word” from the Bears public relations team telling them what had happened. Trubisky didn’t visit the medical tent, and he remained standing on the sidelines, but before the game ended, the Bears revealed via their social media PR account that Trubisky had left the game with a hip injury:

Several fans and members of the media have since took to Twitter and the airwaves to express their skepticism about whether or not Trubisky was really hurt, or if he was benched and Nagy used an injury as an excuse of sorts. Former Bears players Alex Brown and Earl Bennett both said that something very odd was going on with the Chicago Bears, and overall, everyone seemed to be doubting everything:

While several fans, writers and former players debated whether Trubisky was really injured or not, another rallying cry became prominent on Twitter: many fans and sports media personnel began calling for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick to take Trubisky’s spot, injured or not:

There were also multiple polls on Twitter over the past few days asking Bears fans about their current quarterback situation. In one poll, 55% of the fans polled stated that they did not want Trubisky to remain the team’s starter next week:

In another poll, Windy City Gridiron’s Jack M. Silverstein asked Bears fans prior to Kaepernick’s public workout Saturday if they wanted their favorite team to be in attendance to watch him. Their response was overwhelmingly positive:

Bears Mum On Kaepernick Workout, Say Trubisky Has ‘Hip Pointer’

While several members of the media saw Chicago Bears representatives at Kaepernick’s original workout destination, Bears GM Ryan Pace would neither confirm nor deny whether the Bears had any part in any of Kaep’s workout activities, saying: “Like any workout, we really keep those things in house and that’s where we’ll keep this one.”

On Monday, when Matt Nagy met with the media at Halas Hall, he said that Trubisky had a right hip pointer, and that he removed his starting quarterback from Sunday night’s game because the hip injury was beginning to affect Trubisky’s throwing and follow through, while also noting Mitch was in a good deal of pain.

When asked if Trubisky was removed for a performance-based reason, Nagy said Trubisky’s removal from the game “had zero to do with his play,” and when he was asked if Trubisky would be his starting quarterback moving forward, Nagy said: “Absolutely.”

Nagy also noted that Trubisky was not yet cleared to play next Sunday against the New York Giants, and his status remains unknown. While it’s unlikely the fans on Twitter calling for Kaepernick will get their wish, they just may see backup Chase Daniel next week.

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