Ex-NFL Coach Rips ‘Soft’ Cowboys, Calls for Jason Garrett’s Firing [WATCH]

Jason Garrett

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They say the NFL is a bonded brotherhood, but there’s nothing fraternal about Rex Ryan’s feelings toward Jason Garrett.

The former New York Jets head coach destroyed the Dallas Cowboys‘ current head coach in a scorched-earth rant on Monday’s episode of First Take, tearing into what Ryan strongly characterizes as a “soft” football team that should can its ringleader, yesterday.

“The problem with the Dallas Cowboys — you guys are both right — they have the talent, they have all this type of stuff,” Ryan said. “So what’s missing? It’s the mentality that’s missing. They don’t have it. They should have been in attack mode from [the] jump. If you go into New England and you’re tip-toeing at all, which you were — that’s why you punt, that’s why you went for the field goal on 4th-and-7. I’m sorry, no way in heck do you do that. You go for the win. You go, ‘Hey, I’m gonna stick this thing in the end zone.’ But their mentality is not like that. You talk about, ‘We got 21 carries for the best running back in football.’ You’re gonna run it in those conditions 21 times? Why? Because your team’s soft. You need to be physical! This team is built to be physical in a smashmouth football team! Instead, they’re finesse.

Jason Garrett, bye-bye. Two years ago, I said he should be fired and you’re like, ‘They’re not going to fire him yet.’ And I was like, why would you say that? But he should have been fired. Kris Richard, that would be a great move [promoting him to interim head coach], because you’re not giving up on the season yet. You still got part of the season; you may very well win your division. And if you do change the mentality, the attitude of your football team, you may go a long way. But if you don’t, you’re not going anywhere.”

Many will write off Ryan’s take simply due to his own coaching career, which flamed out after a stint with the Buffalo Bills. He amassed a reputation, on and off the field, as a hot-air hype man rather than an Xs and Os master. Far be it from him to so harshly criticize an employed coach, his detractors would argue.

But his point remains, and its premise is absolutely spot on.

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No Changes to Cowboys’ Staff At This Time

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones saw the same thing Ryan witnessed and millions around the world have been privy to, regarding the apparent ineptitude of the team’s coaching staff. Jones was apoplectic Sunday night, but not enough to put his words into action, apparently.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reports Dallas won’t make any “immediate changes” to the coaching staff following a bitter 13-9 loss to the New England Patriots. For those scoring at home, this means the embattled Garrett and thin-ice-skating special teams coordinator Keith O’ Quinn — a target of Jones’ ire — are safe from the firing line.

“Source: Despite the intense criticism from owner and GM Jerry Jones, the #Cowboys will make no immediate changes to Jason Garrett’s coaching staff,” Werder tweeted Monday morning. “Jones criticized the special teams specifically. But special teams coordinator Keith O’Quinn will remain in that position.”

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