Seahawks’ Russell Wilson & 49ers’ Richard Sherman Exchange Jerseys

Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman have gone from teammates to rivals in the NFC West. After the Seahawks topped the 49ers in overtime, Wilson and Sherman exchanged jerseys at midfield. It may seem like an insignificant move, but the two have a bit of history since the Seahawks released the cornerback.

Last season, Sherman took several shots at the franchise, most notably Wilson, by bringing up a five-interception game and noting the two had no relationship other than previously being teammates. During a 2018 press conference, Sherman was asked about Wilson’s strengths, and he brought up a particular poor outing.

“Yeah, I’ve also seen him throw five picks in a game,” Sherman noted to The Mercury News. “So you’ve seen what he’s capable of on both side of it. You understand that he can be defended, so you go out there and give your team your best shot.”

Sherman went on to say the two did not have a relationship.

“I don’t really have a relationship with Russell,” Sherman noted in 2018, per The Mercury News. “We were teammates and played during a very special time for the franchise.”

One year later, Sherman did not make waves leading up to the Seahawks-49ers Monday Night Football game. The former Legion of Boom member instead chose to compliment Pete Carroll and his former teammates prior to the marquee matchup

Leading Up to the Game, Wilson Admitted He Did Not Plan to Throw Sherman’s Way

Wilson has opted to take the high road since Sherman’s exit and continued to sing the praises of his former teammate. Prior to their recent matchup, Wilson once again spoke highly of Sherman and noted he did not plan to throw his way often.

“I know not to go over there too much,” Wilson noted, per Sac Bee. “He’s as good as it gets over there. Got a lot of respect for Sherman and how he plays the game.”

Sherman returned the favor by also praising the Seahawks quarterback.

“He’s making great throws. His receivers are catching them,” Sherman noted, per Sac Bee. “Him and Lockett have a great connection. They’re doing a hell of a job. They’ve been efficient. They’ve won some close games. They’ve battled through and he’s been a big reason.”

Pete Carroll Had “Tears in His Eyes” When He Released Sherman

Is Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman's beef for real? | ESPN VoicesSan Francisco 49ers defensive back Richard Sherman makes his Seattle homecoming in Week 13 of the 2018-19 NFL season, and when asked if he had a relationship with former teammate and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Sherman said it's "nonexistent." Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre of High Noon, Dan Le Batard, Amin Elhassan, and "Papi" of…2018-12-01T00:30:02.000Z

Sherman also opened up about his release from the Seahawks. The shutdown corner noted that Pete Carroll got emotional when he was released and had “tears in his eyes.” Sherman alluded to the idea that it was Seahawks GM John Schneider that wanted to release him.

“He’s the kind of coach that really invests into the players that he recruits and coaches,” Sherman explained to The Athletic. “Even when I got cut, he had tears in his eyes. It was more of a decision the GM made that he didn’t want to make, but he didn’t have a choice.”