Sports Analyst Says Clippers Kawhi Leonard Is ‘Incredibly Fragile’

Kawhi Leonard

Getty Images Kawhi Leonard #2 of the LA Clippers

It took a lot of hard work on the Los Angeles Clippers end to acquire superstar players Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. From declined trade offers for George from the Oklahoma City Thunder to Leonard wanting to possibly play for either the Toronto Raptors or Clippers’ rival team the Los Angeles Lakers, somehow the Clippers pulled off signing both All-Stars to the team. This was an exciting moment for Clippers fans as they have struggled to appear in any NBA Finals and have yet to win an NBA Championship. Signing two huge players like George and Leonard gave fans hope as it seemed like overnight the Clippers became legitimate title contenders.

Unfortunately, all the excitement was just buzz as PG and the Klaw have yet to suit up together. George was out recovering from two shoulder surgeries and as soon as he returned Leonard was sidelined due to a left knee contusion. Leonard has been benched the past three consecutive games making that a total of five games this season. Though load management has been successful for Leonard in the past, the amount of games he has sat out in this season made sports analysts question his durability.

This morning on Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED, sports analyst Chris Broussard accused Leonard of being fragile.

He said, “my concern is not the load management, my concern is that for as big and as strong and as tough as Kawhi Leonard is, he apparently is incredibly fragile, his body.”

Chris Broussard’s Opinions

Broussard continued to elaborate on his comments. He brought up that last year, the three-time All Star only played 60 games during the regular season with the Toronto Raptors and yet still ‘wobbled’ in the playoffs. He said that if he were the Los Angeles Clippers he would be concerned.

“So my concern if I am the Clippers is that any moment this guy’s body might give. I’ve come to the point where I am actually fine with his load management because I actually think he needs it, but I’m concerned that his body may not be able to hold up,” Broussard said.

Clippers should be worried about the fragility of Kawhi Leonard — Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTEDChris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Kawhi Leonard missing another game due to injury and whether the Clippers should be concerned about his frequent injuries. #Undisputed #NBA #KawhiLeonard #Clippers #ChrisBroussard SUBSCRIBE to get the latest UNDISPUTED content: ▶Watch our latest NFL content: ▶Watch our latest NBA content: ▶Watch…2019-11-19T19:10:32.000Z

Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe echoed Broussard’s statements and said if he were the Clippers he would be concerned for long term. Sharpe said that if Leonard needs to nurse his knee so much he most likely will not have a 15-year long career. Sharpe also taunted Skip Bayless, who is a huge Klaw fan and said, “to be considered the best player you need to play.”

Clippers Upcoming Schedule

Clippers vs Lakers

Getty Images Kawhi Leonard of the L.A. Clippers going up against LeBron James and Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers

The Clippers host the Boston Celtics tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Per Andrew Greif of The Los Angeles Times, Kawhi remains questionable to play tomorrow.  If Leonard sits out again in tomorrow night’s game against the Celtics this will be the fourth consecutive game that he will be sidelined. This means Leonard will tack on six games this season that he has load managed his knee.

Next week, the Clippers have a busy week as they are on the road and run into another set of back-to-back games. Next Tuesday night they play against the Dallas Mavericks and next Wednesday night they play against the Memphis Grizzlies. It is known that Leonard doesn’t play in both ends of games that are scheduled on consecutive nights. Therefore, fans can predict he will be benched next week for at least one game as well.

With that being said, tomorrow night would be the perfect game for the Clippers to unleash their secret weapon. Everyone is waiting to see the dynamic duo play together, hopefully tomorrow will be that day.


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