Bills Fans Absolutely Rip Patriots’ Tom Brady for ‘Tripping’ Incident

Tom Brady

Getty Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was under fire for his tripping incident on Bills lineman Ed Oliver.

It’s likely that Tom Brady isn’t any more popular following his Week 16 victory over the Buffalo Bills than he was before it.

That would be because Brady, already the most hated player in the NFL according to a recent study by, was caught on camera appearing to possibly attempt to trip Bills defensive lineman Ed Oliver following a play.

The video of the incident can be seen below.

While Oliver avoided any sort of rivalry with the 42-year-old quarterback following the game, he was asked in his postgame interview for thoughts on Brady. Oliver simply responded that Brady was the “G.O.A.T,” but it didn’t prevent Bills fans from absolutely ripping the Patriots quarterback on Twitter following the incident.

Check out the number of cruel responses below.

Twitter Rips Brady for ‘Tripping’ Incident

One fan even felt the need to compare Brady to Grayson Allen — the former Duke University basketball player who was caught on numerous occasions committing what some would call “dirty” plays.

Some even remarked that Brady was starting to lose his temper. The veteran quarterback had entered the game struggling as of late, throwing for just 128 yards in a win over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 15.

Week 16 represented arguably the Patriots’ biggest regular-season game to date with an opportunity to wrap up the AFC East. It was also an opportunity for Brady to continue his dominance over Buffalo as a division rival. The 20-year veteran has been victorious in 17 of his 18 games at home versus the Bills over the course of his career.

The difference this time around is that the Bills are actually a formidable foe and had a chance at winning the AFC East if they pulled off a win in Foxborough.

Brady was clearly a little testy, as this Twitter user noticed.

Some resorted to just straight-out name-calling for the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Another user decided to take a different route from the rest of his brethren by taking a jab at the entire Patriots team — rather than just Brady.

Meanwhile, the referees weren’t immune from criticism as some users noticed that Brady wasn’t penalized for the attempted tripping incident.

Others, unfortunately, hoped for a vicious hit on Brady as retribution.

And finally, one user brought up the Patriots’ recent rule-breaking scandals as a reason for why they’ll never respect Brady the way they respect another all-time great quarterback, former Miami Dolphins signal-caller Dan Marino.

One person even viciously referenced Brady’s ACL injury from back in 2008 versus the Kansas City Chiefs, saying that he “deserved” it.

While this is most of the same usual venom you see on Twitter, it’s clear that many users on social media did not like the fact that Brady pushed Oliver’s leg as he was attempting to walk past the veteran quarterback.

How Patriots Can Clinch First-Round Bye

The Patriots either have two scenarios of entering the postseason — either as a second seed or a third seed.

Simply put, the Patriots can clinch the second seed and a first-round bye in Week 17 in the following scenarios:

— Patriots beat or tie the Dolphins at Gillette Stadium

— Chiefs lose or tie against the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium

If Kansas City wins and New England loses, the Patriots would be the No. 3 seed and would host the No. 6 seed — likely either the Tennessee Titans or Pittsburgh Steelers — in the wild-card round.

Simply put, the Patriots are aiming for the first-round bye as they’ll look to knock off the Dolphins in the final week of the regular season.

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