Dallas Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott’s Chef Reveals Game Day Meal

Ezekiel Elliott

Getty Ezekiel Elliott

Earlier this month, the Dallas Cowboys got some revenge on the Los Angeles Rams after they eliminated them from the playoffs last season. By beating the NFC Champions 44-21 at AT&T Stadium.

Cowboys Pro Bowl running back Ezekiel Elliott was a guest on Deion Sanders’ segment of  ‘If You Ball, You Get The Call’ on the NFL Network. After carrying the ball 24 times for 117 yards and two touchdowns.

During the segment, Sanders mentioned that he and Elliott employee the same personal chef.

“Ay, thank you for blowing my chef up. You took him from me, and you put him on another level,” said Prime. “Chef Hoppie love you to life, he talks about you all the time. Man, I appreciate you for giving him that type of love. He is a great kid.”

Elliott replied, “For sure. Chef Hoppie – shouts to him, he is definitely the best chef in Dallas, and he makes it work for me.”

Zeke’s Chef reveals Zeke’s Prep Meals

Chef Hoppie was a guest on the vodcast or live stream show BFB [Best For Business] hosted by Walt Chism and Lindsay Cochrane [LindsayyOnAir], and I was on the show panel. During the interview, Hoppie shared some of the meals he preps for the Cowboys running back.

“So for Zeke, we kind of keep it too high protein, but he likes to keep his carbs in there just because he is burning throughout the day with working out. So, one meal would be mash potatoes with steak cooked medium-well and some roasted broccoli. We also do a little bit of asparagus with yellow rice and bake chicken just a little bit of everything.  I have a creation called steak wrap shrimp. So, instead of the shrimp being wrapped in bacon, it is wrapped in steak. So, I do that as well for Zeke,” said Hoppie.

As far as the type of steak that he is using “It’s a kind of stirfry so that it is then it still cooks, and you are not overdoing the shrimp. It has to be a thin cut type of steak.

How Does Chef Hoppie Know What to Meal Prep for Zeke?

“Really, Google and experience,” said Hoppie.

He went to a culinary school when he was 12 years old, called Young Chester Academy, and he learned a lot of things at the school. Later on, he would become a teacher at the institution at the age of 16. He has been in the industry since then and used to work at the concession stands at Cowboy Stadium.

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