Lenny Dykstra Slams OJ Simpson over Carson Wentz

Lenny Dykstra

Getty Former Phillies star Lenny Dykstra took aim at OJ Simpson after he criticized Carson Wentz and the Eagles.

What happens when you mix a bucket of Nails with a glass of OJ? The best sports fight no one saw coming.

Lenny Dykstra had been stewing for three days before finally airing his grievances on Twitter. He was upset by comments made by O.J. Simpson regarding the struggling Eagles’ offense and the inconsistent play of Carson Wentz.

Simpson has been heavily invested in the Eagles this season because Wentz is his quarterback in fantasy football. On Monday night, the Hall-of-Fame running back posted a video trashing Wentz and the Eagles. It didn’t sit well with Dykstra, a former Philadelphia athlete who supports the Eagles.

“I wanted to comment on Orenthal’s video,” said Dykstra in a Twitter video. “He was taking shots at Carson Wentz for not throwing the ball down the field when he’s got no receivers. Hey Orenthal, it would be like when you were locked up in the cooler and somebody said, ‘Hey Orenthal, go get me something to eat, bro!’ Well, you can’t get nothing because you’re in the cage.”

(Editor’s note: Dykstra used much more colorful language when making the above statement).

The point Dykstra was trying to make was that the Eagles’ ineptitude wasn’t his fault. Wentz had no receivers and he couldn’t make something out of nothing — at least, that’s what we think Dykstra was trying to say.

OJ Simpson Laments Eagles Woes on Offense

What started the war of words between O.J. Simpson and Lenny Dykstra? Well, it looks like some pretty honest analysis from the man known as the Juice.

Simpson was watching the Eagles-Giants game on Monday night — at home, in his “jammies” — when he took to Twitter to criticize the Eagles’ offense.

“I got to tell you it’s pretty frustrating,” Simpson posted in a video. “One, watching Wentz whose my quarterback, throw all of these four-yard passes. I’ve never seen so many. Thank God they just went down the field and scored a touchdown. Finally. Maybe they’ll make it a game.”

He wasn’t wrong. Philadelphia played a horrible first half and only started turning the tide late in the third quarter when Wentz led the Eagles on a 10-play, 58-yard drive that resulted in a Boston Scott touchdown.

The Eagles went on to score 20 unanswered points after Scott’s two-yard score and they beat the Giants 23-17 in overtime.

Wentz finished 33-of-50 for 325 yards and two scores. while putting up roughly 20 fantasy points. There’s still no word on whether Simpson pulled out the win in fantasy football.


Dykstra Held Legendary Eagles Tailgate in Week 1

Lenny Dykstra lives in New Jersey but holds a special place in his heart for Philly sports. Remember, he played for the Philadelphia Phillies for eight gritty and successful seasons.

Nicknamed “Nails” for his tough exterior — and his well-documented party lifestyle — Dykstra helped lead the Phillies to the 1993 World Series and nearly won the MVP award. He finished second to Barry Bonds by 20 votes.

He batted .305 in 1993 and led major-league baseball in hits, walks and runs. The team fell just short of a title, losing to the Toronto Blue Jays in six games. Dykstra has publicly feuded with former Phillies reliever Mitch Williams about who is to blame for the loss.

Back to present day. Dykstra attended his first-ever Eagles tailgate in Week 1 and teased footage on social media. He had all his bases covered, too, including drinking local beer and inviting former Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell out to the party. It looked like a good time was had by all.

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