Lions’ Matthew Stafford Honors Wife With New Cleats [LOOK]

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford fires a pass against the Giants.

The Detroit Lions along with the rest of the NFL are celebrating the My Cause, My Cleats campaign, and Matthew Stafford’s entry into the fray is pretty special to note.

Stafford, in support of his wife who was ill this offseason, is wearing cleats that bear the expression “Stafford Strong” along with “Kelly” in honor of his family and what they have been through in the last year.

Here’s a look at the cleats:

The cleats are a nod to Stafford’s wife who was battling a brain tumor this offseason and underwent surgery. There were a number of complications that came up during the process, but the Stafford family battled through and managed for the story to have a happy ending.

Now, Stafford clearly wants folks to remember the illness as well as honor his family’s fight. Mission accomplished on both fronts late in 2019.

Matthew Stafford’s Leadership

These cleats are just another great example of the measure of Stafford as a man and a leader. Through the years, he’s been selfless and has led the Lions by example on and off the field of play. Even when hurt, Stafford shows up and manages to play through the pain in order to take his team where he wants it to go. Only this season when it has been physically impossible has Stafford

After the offseason he had with his wife battling this health scare, he deserves to get the love for being a team and community leader. He should get even more for the decision to roll these cleats out.

Matthew Stafford’s 2019 Stats

Doing his best to try and shift the narrative from those who are negative about him, Stafford was on a tear in the early season, putting up more touchdowns than interceptions while also going well over 2,000 yards. He’s played consistent and looks the part of a guy who is ready to make the 30s the best years of his career. The Lions also have a better offense under Stafford now, as they are being led by Darrell Bevell, a guy who has worked with elite quarterbacks and elite offenses before.

This season, Stafford’s play has been a breath of fresh air for the team, and without him, the season has become a nosedive. It seems the team’s new offense, which is putting up numbers and popular in the locker room, is suiting its quarterback well. Mistakes have been limited and the big plays have come more freely and frequently with Stafford running the show.

Stafford seems to be on the right track toward getting the Lions over the hump once he comes back. The hope for fans is that he has a quick recovery and can get back soon for a team that badly needs him on the field.

Though Stafford will not be likely able to wear the cleats in game action, it is still nice to see him getting involved and making his voice known. Hopefully, folks learn more about exactly everything the Stafford’s have been through.

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