Damning Video Surfaces of Kareem Hunt Traffic Stop

Kareem Hunt Browns

Getty Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt is going to have some explaining to do to both the Cleveland Browns and the NFL after stunning video surfaced on Monday of the running back’s encounter with police during a traffic stop.

In the nearly six-minute long video, Hunt is stopped for speeding. He tells the officer that he was trying to catch a flight and pleads his case saying, “I’ve been through a lot” multiple times.

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“I just — it stresses me out,” Hunt added. “I lost everything already, sir. I’m just trying to be in my hometown and chill.

“It hurts my soul,” Hunt adds, an apparent reference to his former Kansas City Chiefs team playing in the Super Bowl. “You don’t even understand. I’ve been fighting a lot of [expletive] lately. It still hurts me to this day.”

Shortly after, the officer comes back with a bag that has weed and alcohol in it from Hunt’s car. Hunt told the officer that the weed belonged to his brother.

“If you’re trying to stay good, on the right path and stuff — this is not the right way to go man,” the officer tells Hunt. “You had a good second part of the year, you don’t want to screw that up with some weed.”

The officer decides to give Hunt a speeding ticket, and just seize the drugs. During the encounter. Hunt told the officer he would fail a drug test if he was given one.

“I will never do this again,” Hunt says. “It’s the offseason. Sorry I was having a good time.”

News of the traffic stop was previously reported, but the video adds another layer. Both the NFL and the Browns said they were investigating the incident but did not have a comment, per cleveland.com. 

Kareem Hunt in Dangerous Territory After Latest Stop

The situation could have been a lot worse for Hunt, but luckily he ran into a cop that was a Browns fan. The officer references Hunt’s second chance with the Browns, which came when former general manager John Dorsey — who drafted Hunt in Kansas City — signed the embattled running back after he was cut by the Chiefs following video of him striking a woman was released. The officer urges Hunt to be more careful with his opportunity.

“Look at the Ravens running back — what happened to him?” the officer says. “Rice. I mean, dude, I’m shocked that you got a second chance.”

Hunt has been open about his mental state during his release, which he disclosed to reporters toward the end of the season.

“I probably didn’t leave the bed for a good four or five days,” Hunt told reporters. “I stayed in my bed for like four or five days. Didn’t really turn the TV on or nothing. Just laid there and chilled.”

Kareem Hunt Wants to be Back With Browns

GettyBrowns running back Kareem Hunt.

Hunt was a model citizen after returning to the Browns active roster, even providing a leadership persona in the locker room when times were tough during a 6-10 campaign.

Hunt is a restricted free agent but has expressed a desire to return the the Browns to work alongside Nick Chubb. It will be up to the new regime of general manager Andrew Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski if they want to keep Hunt or not.

“Ain’t no place like home, and this is home for me, so I’d love to be in my hometown playing for a long time, maybe finish my career,” Hunt told reporters “That would be something special. You never know. I’m just excited to do whatever it takes. They’re going to get a ballplayer.”

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