Dallas Cowboys to Retain Jason Garrett as Head Coach?

Jason Garrett

Getty Former Cowboys coach Jason Garrett

It’s now been five days since the Dallas Cowboys‘ season ended and three meetings have transpired between Jason Garrett and the Joneses.

Yet, still, zero clarity on the team’s future at head coach.

Is Garrett staying or going? Nobody outside out of the building seems to know. Heck, nobody except Jerry and Stephen Jones and Garrett himself probably knows which direction this is headed.

Simple logic points to Garrett’s dismissal after a decade on the job and six playoff-less seasons to show for it. But the Jones family has never followed convention. They march to the beat of their own drum.

The absence of transparency has led some in the know to speculate on the end game. And one common theory suggests Garrett signs a new contract — his current deal expires Jan. 14 — to return as coach in 2020.

Take it from two ESPN insiders: Ed Werder and Adam Schefter.

As Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett resume their series of meetings, I can tell you this: people inside the building have begun to wonder if Garrett is going to have a role with the 2020 #Cowboys – whether as head coach or in another capacity,” Werder tweeted Thursday morning.

“I was told there’s a remote chance of that happening,” Schefter said Thursday on Garrett’s odds of remaining HC. “Remote. So it’s not out of the question, you never know. But it’s not likely. It’s not the expected outcome. But I guess it can’t be completely dismissed.”

Before any Cowboys fans creep closer toward the ledge, Garrett reportedly has not yet concluded his exit interviews with players, which is standard operating procedure at the end of a regular season. Once he finishes the interviews and says his goodbyes, Dallas may announce the outcome everyone’s waiting on: his ousting.

As coach, anyway …

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Garrett’s Potential New Role in Dallas?

If the Joneses are going to pink-slip the 53-year-old, why does it take so many sit-downs? One possible answer: It doesn’t, and they’re not pink-slipping him. Rather, they’re reassigning him to a different position, in a different department, far away from the day-to-day responsibilities as HC.

This feeling is picking up steam throughout the national media, with Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio first floating “the prospect of Garrett staying put.”

Here’s an idea: What if the Joneses are trying to find a way to keep Garrett around, but not as the head coach? What if (and I’m just spitballing) the Cowboys are considering hiring someone like Gary Kubiak to be the head coach, but with very narrow and specific duties given the health issues that caused him to stop being head coach of the Broncos three years ago?

Schefter, too, reported on the potential for Garrett to stick around in the Cowboys’ “family,” as he’s forged a close bond with the Joneses over the years.

“This has gone on for so long, you wonder if they’re going to carve out a role for him to stay within the family somehow,” Schefter said.

For what it’s worth, NFL Network’s threw cold water on the notion that Garrett could usurp Jerry Jones as Dallas’ de facto general manager, a position that Jones has held in a vice grip and likely wouldn’t relinquish.

“For those kicking around the theory: Jason Garrett as GM? My sources tell me “I don’t see how that would work.” Think about it, he won’t even call Stephen Jones the GM and recently told @1053thefan that he didn’t believe in having a middle man,” Slater tweeted Thursday.

‘Wild Rumor’ Emerges About Garrett, Cowboys

Well, here’s a new one, courtesy of Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, who supposedly received a text from an AFC executive with a “wild” proposition: “What if the Cowboys are keeping Garrett on the hook while reaching out to Lincoln Riley? If Lincoln says no, Garrett comes back.”

As far as we know, Riley, in whom Jones has admitted intrigue, is on the shortlist of favorites to become Cowboys coach, if the organization indeed goes that route. Miller’s hearsay is, shall we say, interesting since Garrett and Riley share an agent, so that’d be quite the awkward arrangement.

The Cowboys have yet to schedule an interview with Riley or any other reported candidates, including former Ohio State HC Urban Meyer and Baylor HC Matt Rhule.

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