Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Danica Patrick Is Easing Family Drama

aaron rodgers girlfriend

Getty Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are no longer dating.

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Danica Patrick may be giving an assist to the Packers quarterback in easing some of the family drama. The tension between Rodgers and his family has been well-documented. Patrick has been helping ease some of the drama with Rodgers’ family, per E News.

“Things between Aaron and his family are improving, slowly, but it is happening,” a source told E News. “Aaron is back on speaking terms with his family, including his brother Jordan, and it’s really all happening with the help of Danica, who is bridging the gap between everyone.”

Rodgers appears to be back on speaking terms with his parents as he discretely revealed during an interview after Mike McCarthy was fired as the Packers head coach. Rodgers noted he was with his family when he found out McCarthy had been fired.

“I found out I’m sure the same way most of you found out,” Rodgers said, per TMZ.com. “I was at home with my folks in town for my birthday.”

Patrick Recently Interviewed Rodgers on Her Podcast “Pretty Intense”

Patrick may be retired from racing, but she is keeping busy with a few different interests. Patrick now hosts a popular podcast called “Pretty Intense” and recently sat down with her favorite quarterback.

Rodgers’ girlfriend noted that she was a bit nervous to interview him given their relationship. Patrick opened up about the experience on Instagram when she announced the episode had been released.

“I have to say, I was a little nervous about it!” Rodgers explained on Instagram. “Sometimes when you are really close to someone it makes it harder to know where to start, where to draw the line, or what people already know about them. But there is something magical that happens when you make an effort to combine interesting topics about that person and then very intentionally and attentively invite them to elaborate…So, moving forward into 2020 I am going to try and do more of that. And, I am not only going ask more questions but I am going to listen more!!!!! I am going to do a better job at just holding space for him to tell his stories and feel really heard and understood.”

One of the topics Rodgers discussed on the podcast was the power of belief and how it has been a contributing factor to the Packers’ success over his career.

“If you look at our history in the two-minute drills, over the course of my 12 years starting, it’s not like we score every single time,” Rodgers noted in the interview. “But there is almost a thought now, out there, and really, most importantly, on our squad that we’re definitely scoring. But it’s not like its 100 percent of the time, but when the thought is there, you may feel like it’s for sure going to happen and that belief is very powerful.”

Rodgers Was Estranged From His Parents

Why Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Hasn't Spoken to His Parents in YearsHas fame ripped apart the family of Green Bay Packers hero quarterback Aaron Rogers? When Rogers made a stunning sideline pass that led to the game winning field goal against the Dallas Cowboys Sunday, all his fans cheered but his parents weren't at the game to see it happen. Rogers hasn't spoken to his family…2017-01-16T22:52:32.000Z

The New York Times reported in 2017 that Rodgers was not on speaking terms with his family. Rodgers’ dad Ed Rodgers discussed his thoughts on the relationship during the same feature story.

“Airing public laundry is not what I would have chosen [but] it’s good to have it all come out,” Ed Rodgers told The New York Times.

It looks like the family is back to being on good terms, and Patrick is doing her part to ensure it stays that way.

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