Eagles’ Jason Kelce Details Strange Massage Routine

Jason Kelce

Getty Eagles center Jason Kelce attempted to fire up his teammates with an emotional speech.

It’s a grind playing a 16-game schedule in the NFL. A selfless routine made even more challenging when you play every single snap.

Eagles center Jason Kelce was on the football field for 99.91-percent of the total snaps this year, a stat that earned him an additional $500,000 and a Pro-Bowl selection.

Already a legend in Philly, Kelce played on 1,163 offensive naps in 2019. The next closest?

Well, the three-time Pro-Bowl and All-Pro selection — arguably the best center in the NFL, as evidenced by his respect around the league — admitted something slightly weird on Friday. He gets … wait for it … massages.

Kelce, who looked to be having fun down in Florida, was the first one to comment on the grind of 16 games. He hasn’t yet confirmed whether he’ll be back in 2020.

“I am way out of the long side about probavly what you should be doing each and every week,” Kelce told The Athletic, in describing his offseason workouts. “We have guys that do stretching and yoga and massages. I do a massage once a week (on Friday) and that’s pretty much it.”

The Athletic’s Bo Wulf really paints a vivid picture of what it’s like for a veteran NFL player to survive a full slate in the NFL. It’s not easy, far from it, and the players have noticed.

Kelce Jokes about Finding ‘Human Holes’

Jason Kelce was participating at Pro-Bowl media day when a funny question about “human holes” was thrown his way. His answer sent everyone into hysterics.

When asked if a human being has one hole or two holes, Kelce laughed out loud and pointed to his backside and said: “I would say they are two very different holes!”


Kelce, of course, is representing the Eagles down in Orlando at the Pro Bowl. He joined teammates Lane Johnson, Rick Lovato and Fletcher Cox in football’s annual (and boring) all-star game.

“It’s hard getting here, I feel, as a right tackle,” Johnson said, via CBS Sports. “I’m just trying to validate right tackles — that’s really it. It’s still seen as a left tackle’s game. I’m trying to change that.”

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