Ed Orgeron’s Wife Kelly Orgeron Had a Near-Death Experience

Kelly Orgeron

Getty Ed Orgeron's wife Kelly Orgeron has overcome numerous health challenges.

Ed Orgeron’s wife Kelly Orgeron has been an inspiration to the LSU head coach. The couple has overcome a lot including Kelly’s health challenges that have accompanied her battle with scoliosis.

Kelly has undergone multiple surgeries but one in 2017 did not go as planned. During the surgery, a doctor accidentally punctured her colon as Sports Illustrated detailed.

During the first procedure, a surgeon nicked her colon, something medical staff did not realize until several days later, when Kelly’s stomach grew so swollen that her husband phoned the doctor…

Medical staff uncovered the accidental slit in her large intestine and rusher her to surgery, presuming Kelly was developing sepsis, the body’s deadly response to an infection, in this case because of the pin-sized laceration in her colon. She emerged more than four hours later, groggily waking to learn, from her husband, that doctors performed on her a colostomy. In other words, the waste from her intestines would empty into a bag through a hole created in her abdomen.

Doctors warned Ed that his wife might not make it through the emergency surgery to repair the infection, per Sports Illustrated. Kelly has been able to make a remarkable recovery and continues to be in the stands at LSU games cheering on her husband’s team.

Ed & Kelly Are the Proud Parents of Twin Sons

Ed and Kelly are the proud parents of twin sons, Cody and Parker. Kelly also has one son, Tyler, from a previous relationship who ended up taking on the Orgeron last name, per Sports Illustrated.

Both Cody and Parker are involved in football in some capacity. After playing tennis, Cody once again picked up football and is now the quarterback at McNeese State. Parker is a student-coach with the team as he was forced to give up playing football after sustaining multiple concussions, per The Advocate.

“Tennis absolutely helped me with my feet and footwork, getting out of the pocket, my agility, being in shape,” Cody told The Advocate. “It’s been a blessing. … Obviously, I’m not the biggest quarterback around and I’m not the strongest. I’m just a ball player.”

Ed missed the birth of their sons because of his coaching duties. The LSU coach admitted his life changed for the better when he saw his two sons.

“When I saw their eyes, my whole life changed,” Orgeron noted to The Advocate.

Ed & Kelly Eloped a Short-Time After Being Set Up on a Blind Date

The couple met on a blind date in Memphis prior to the 1996 Liberty Bowl, per Sports Illustrated. Two months later the couple eloped and got married at the courthouse as they pulled in a stranger from the hallway to serve as the witness for the ceremony.

“I just took one look at here,” Ed explained to Fox 8. “I could figure that out man. She’s a good girl. She was raised the right way. My family was OK with it. I think her mother was a little nervous about it. But we knew it was the right thing for us. I was 35, she was 33. We were at a good age. We knew what we were doing, mature adults. Lo and behold 22 years later, we’re still doing it.”

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