Kansas-Kansas State Fight Had Player Swinging Chair in Shocking Brawl

Kansas Kansas State Brawl

Getty The Kansas-Kansas State basketball game ended in a brawl.

The Kansas-Kansas State basketball game ended in a massive fight with both benches clearing. Kansas blocked Kansas State’s final shot as time expired and a Jayhawks player stood over the man who attempted the basket which prompted the brawl. CBS Sports’ Kyle Boone reported that Silvia De Sousa attempted to use a chair to attack other players.

“Silvio De Sousa picked up a chair and was ready to smash that thing over someone’s head WWE style,” Boone tweeted.

Here’s a look at the video showing De Sousa using the chair.

Here is a longer look at the full fight with both benches clearing.

Both Kansas & Kansas State Are Likely to Have Players Suspended for Their Role in the Fight

Prior to the rivalry matchup, Kansas head coach Bill Self discussed his excitement about the game.

“I’m excited,” Self noted, per 247Sports. “I love playing in rivalry games…They’re coming off, arguably, their best performance of the season. They dominated a team that we struggled to eke out a win [against]. So that got our attention for sure.”

Kansas entered the game as massive favorites as the No. 3 ranked team in the country. The Jayhawks made short work of the Wildcats with a 81-60 victory. The bigger question is what will happen moving forward as multiple players are likely to be suspended for their involvement in the fight.

All Bench Players Were Ejected From the Game

The initial video footage makes it difficult to tell exactly who was involved in the brawl, but it appeared that punches were thrown. Kansas big man David McCormack admitted before the game that he was expecting a “fierce and tough” matchup, but it is hard to imagine anyone thought it would end in a chaotic brawl.

“They’re an athletic team,” McCormack noted, per 247 Sports. “They get after it. They’re a tough team. It being a rivalry game, it’s going to be fierce and tough anyway. So we just have to make sure we’re the tougher, grittier team, that we have a stronger tenacity. All the small things plus the intangibles, is what’s going to push us over the edge.”

Boone reported that the bench players from both teams were ejected from the game. De Sousa was also assessed a technical foul and thankfully someone took the chair away from him before he was able to connect with another player.

“Bill Self said Silvio De Sousa was assessed a technical for his role in the brawl, and all bench players were ejected. Only players not ejected were the 10 left on the floor,” Boone explained on Twitter.

Here is a look at someone grabbing the chair away from De Sousa during the fight.

There is also a person wearing street clothes that was involved in the fight.

Here is an alternate angle of the fight that spilled up to the barrier near the stands.

This angle shows some of the Kansas cheerleaders trying to break up the altercation between the two teams.