EX-Knick Thinks Mavs Luka Doncic Will be one of the Greats

Luka Doncic

Getty Images Luka Doncic #77 of the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks sophomore phenom Luka Doncic has been feeling up the stat sheet averaging 29.1 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 9.0 assists per game through 35 games for the Mavericks. The Mavericks are currently in 6th place in the Western Conference with a 24-15 record. Doncic play this season has earned him MVP, All-Star consideration, and many have taken notice, including former Knicks guard Greg Anthony.

Anthony was a part of the NBA TV broadcast that called the Oklahoma City Thunder and Brooklyn Nets game on January 7, 2019, and revealed that Luka Doncic is ‘incredible.’

“That guy is incredible. Jerry West talked about it, he said that he will ultimately be the best that will wear a Mavericks’ uniform. And that is no disrespect to Dirk Nowitzki. He has had an incredible career. Luka Doncic, if he stays on this trajectory, he is going to be one of the best to play period much less for the Mavericks,” said Anthony.  “His impact on winning that’s the big thing. You are looking at a Mavericks team that looks like they are going to be in the mix for homecourt in the first round. I don’t think many saw that outside of Dallas coming into the season.”

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Rachel Nichols Thinks Luka Doncic is Phenomenal

Last week, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols was in Dallas, Texas, to interview Luka Doncic before the Mavericks took on the Chicago Bulls. Fanatics View was able to talk the ESPN personality before tipoff of the Bulls and Mavericks game asking Nichols a variety of different questions, including her on the MVP candidate Luka Doncic.

“Obviously phenomenal and it’s funny I just did an interview with him, and he was saying he was even surprised the leap he has been able to make. But, one thing he noted was this past summer was the first summer he was able to put in a substantive amount of work,” said Nichols.

“If you think about the summer before played in the NBA and the Europe League Championship came over, got drafted it was all a whirlwind went back to Slovenia and came back here. Don’t have as much time with the Mavericks staff or just, in general, to work on his game.  Once the NBA season was over, he was just able to focus on working on basketball, and we are all seeing the results.”

Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving on Luka Doncic

Last August Fanatics View spoke with Hall of Famer Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving and asked him if he thought Doncic was a top ten player. He shared that he didn’t think Doncic was a top-ten player yet, but reveal that he was a great replacement for Dirk Nowitzki.

” Luka is probably not top-ten yet. He has one year in the league and had a great year as a rookie and was phenomenal. Sometimes it could happen quickly for a guy years one through three more so in my estimation when a guy is in the league,” said Erving.

“His fourth and fifth year is when you really what you got. The fact that he started playing professionally at age 16 or 17 hasn’t hurt him so he might be an early bloomer than some of the guys, who go to the universities in the U.S. The one and done guys, but he had a high season, and he is a great replacement for Dirk.”

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