Cowboys Shade? Lakers Dubbed ‘America’s Team’ by Guard

danny green

Getty Los Angeles Lakers guard Danny Green.

For decades, the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL have been referred to as “America’s team,” but if Danny Green of the Los Angeles Lakers has any say, his team will take the moniker. After Sunday’s win versus the Houston Rockets, Green had some bold words about his team.

“It’s been amazing. It just shows that this is America’s team,” Green said, via The Los Angeles Times. “Every building, we have a bunch of fans, a bunch of people cheering for us, rooting for us no matter where we go. And it’s a great feeling.”

When a team has been so consistently good for decades, they’re going to accumulate a large number of fans all across the world. However, they’re also to get a large number of haters. Just like the Cowboys, the Lakers are very polarizing. Green’s comments could be seen as a sleight towards the Cowboys and it kind of is, even if he didn’t mean it that way.

Lakers & Cowboys Among Most Hated Sports Teams

While everybody wants to believe their team is “America’s team,” that will never be 100% true outside of the Olympics. Though both the Cowboys and Lakers have massive fan bases, they’re also among the most hated teams in sports. According to theScore, the Lakers are the most hated NBA team in America and it’s not even close.

In 34 states, the Lakers were voted as the most-hated team. Similar to them, the Cowboys aren’t well-loved outside of their fan base. According to 247 Sports, they are the second-most hated team in the NFL behind the New England Patriots.

The idea of a team being “America’s team” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Many different cities and states have teams. In the Lakers’ case, there’s no doubt they are one of the most popular teams in sports. The same goes for the Cowboys. That said, any team that garners so much hate outside of their fanbase can’t be considered “America’s team.”

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LeBron James Laments Loss to Celtics

The Lakers have been riding high this season and have a firm lead in the Western Conference. Even with Anthony Davis missing multiple games with an injury, the team still looked impressive. Los Angeles got Davis back on Monday for a matchup with the Boston Celtics, but things didn’t go well as the Lakers were blown out. LeBron James sounded off about the loss and was quite candid.

“I mean, listen, it was just a good, old-fashioned butt whooping,” James said, via Yahoo Sports.

It was one of the Lakers’ least impressive showings of the season and it happened against their arch-rival.

“That’s all,” James said. “They beat us in all facets of the game: outside, interior, points off turnovers, offensive rebounds. So, it’s the main ingredients in the loss.

“We haven’t moved on yet. [Tuesday], we will. Still simmering right now, which it should. But it’s a long NBA season. You don’t want to have games like this, but if you do, you try to learn from the mistakes. Or you do learn from the mistakes, and you move on.”

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